Eddie Mahdi

You’re Approaching Your To-Do List All Wrong

By spending time on just the easy or urgent stuff, you’re putting the future of your business in jeopardy.

There aren’t ever going to be more hours in the day, and your to-do list shows no sign of shrinking in the New Year. It’s our first nature to prioritise the easy stuff, so as to tick boxes, and rush from fire to urgent fire whenever those items hit the desk; but, what about the things in the “know it’s important, no set deadline” bucket? Those are truly the ones that ought to keep you up at night.

Think of this section of your to-do list (likely the bullets at the bottom that simply copy/paste from day to day, week to week, and on) as the real estate not thought about until a disaster strikes. For example, checking home smoke alarms, making sure there are batteries for the torch, and the oil’s good in the car. We rely on these things to be functioning despite paying them little mind. And we’re guessing there are a few business-related items like this on your list that have been pushed back for who knows how long (apart from you, naughty list keeper).

One of these items is probably a check-up on your IT and data security. A person doesn’t need to look through years of news reports to find horror stories of businesses being caught off guard and thoroughly maligned for not proactively protecting themselves. It’s happening to the biggest Australian companies (the ones you bank in, phone through, study at, receive medical care from…) weekly.

Even with a robust IT team internally, there are tricks the bad guys know already can allow them to suck in your HR and client data, hold your digital channels and access for ransom, and put your company in jeopardy – as the Australian government is able to levy $10m fines for security breaches.

Thankfully, some good guys also know the baddies’ tricks. Meet the experts at Centrix. Allow them a peak under the bonnet and they’ll give you a full, free IT/Security Health Check. Find out your vulnerabilities, or pat yourself on the back if you’re already good to go – at no cost and no obligation. You’ve literally got nothing to lose … unless … there’s an existing hole or bug.

Wouldn’t you rather find out there’s not? So move “how’s our security, actually?” from the weekly transfer section of the to-do list to the “email these guys now and get this sorted for free so I can enjoy my holiday and cross this off” part. It’s easy, it’s urgent, and it’ll get you out the door feeling assured all the sooner.



Schedule a free consultation with a Centrix expert to ensure your data is safe and secure. No obligation – just peace of mind.

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