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In the past, companies had to invest significant resources to build the physical hardware infrastructure they need for their operations.

The rise of Cloud computing means businesses today have far more flexibility, and are able to reduce their initial investment.

Cloud solutions allow you to rent or purchase the servers, computing resources and storage space you need at the present time, and then expand your capacity as your business grows.

Many Cloud vendors also provide Software as a Service (SaaS) that ensure efficient management of your system requirements.

By partnering with Centrix to design and implement the right Cloud systems for your business, you also benefit from our ongoing expertise and knowledge to maintain your systems to the highest standards.

Public, private and hybrid cloud solutioins 01

Infrastructure as a service

(Public, private & hybrid cloud solutions)

Deciding on the most appropriate Cloud solution for your business can be challenging. Things to consider:

  • Productivity requirements
  • Security requirements
  • Scalability and accessibility
  • Cost

The team at Centrix takes the time to understand your business, then helps you select the most appropriate Cloud solution for your need. We also tailor solutions to ensure you get exactly what you need.


Centrix can assist you with all your computing requirements, providing the necessary capacity to help your business scale. Centrix can ensure you get access to scalable public infrastructure at a cost-effective price.


Centrix can tailor a private Cloud solution to meet your needs.


A hybrid model will give you the scalability of public infrastructure, combined with the security and control of a private model. It’s a cost-effective option thanks to reduced hardware, software, cooling and power requirements.

Whatever model you select, Centrix will assist you to make the right decision. We will be there to provide you ongoing services, to ensure your Cloud solution remains relevant as your business requirements change.

Speak with us today to begin the process of migrating to the Cloud.

Microsoft office 365 02

Microsoft office 365

Productivity applications are no longer software suites installed on individual terminals. With the Cloud-based Microsoft Office 365, you and your staff can access the entire suite of Microsoft products online, anywhere, anytime.

The usual productivity tools – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PowerBI, Outlook, Access, Skype, Teams – are now fully integrated, and your team can access all these productivity systems via the Cloud using a single password.

By migrating your existing systems to Cloud-based Office 365, your team will be able to streamline collaboration, helping your business achieve full scalability as your business grows.

Centrix is a registered Silver Microsoft Partner, and will assist you with all aspects of setting up and configuring your Office 365 system. We will also take care of the detailed planning, collaboration and change management processes needed to smoothly migrate from your existing systems to Office 365. Let Centrix take responsibility for the whole process, including the safe migration of data and email systems, and see how your business processes will be transformed.

Get in touch with us today and learn how Microsoft Office 365 is revolutionising the way business works.

Microsoft azure 03

Microsoft azure

Microsoft Azure is a suite of cloud computing systems used by enterprises and businesses to build, test, deploy and manage applications and services.

If you are exploring how you can leverage Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions, Centrix has the expertise and insight to support and advise you on how your business can take advantage of what Azure has to offer.

This support extends to execution – let Centrix implement Azure systems for your business, enhancing how you function and helping you streamline your processes.

Simply contact us today for an introduction into the myriad benefits Microsoft Azure has on offer.

Cloud backup & disaster recovery 04

Cloud backup & disaster recovery

Data ranks as one of the most valuable assets for any business, and safeguarding against data loss is critical. Cloud-based backup systems are one way to ensure the safety of your data in the event of system failures or catastrophes.

With Centrix, your data is backed up to specialist Cloud-based providers. This strategy offers far more flexibility and convenience than traditional offsite tape or USB drive backup systems.

With our range of solutions, including StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect and Veeam Disaster Recovery, Centrix guarantees:

  • everything is fully backed-up and disaster recovery systems are in place
  • any accidentally deleted files can be recovered in minutes
  • servers can be brought back online speedily to minimise any downtime to your operations.

All backing up is done seamlessly without any interruption to your business.

Don’t take any risks. Speak with Centrix today and put into place a backup and disaster recovery plan to keep your data safe.

See how happy our clients are


We have implemented a significant change from engaging Centrix. Centrix provided a snapshot of our existing set up and proposed alternatives. Our migration to Office 365 has settled a large range of email issues we were experiencing. The massive changes we have implemented have given us a level of comfort in terms of reliability and security.

We would recommend Centrix to others. We found them easy to deal with, able to talk in laymen’s terms and offer a desirable solution. We selected Centrix over 3 other providers as they gave us the most confidence that they could satisfy our needs.

Paul Sleeman

Group Financial Controller, Austral Monsoon Group

Engaging Centrix to look after our IT has allowed myself and the business to focus on our own business activities. We had previously spent a lot of time working on our IT and never to a level of knowledge or professionalism we receive from Centrix. This alone represents a huge saving in terms of cost and administrative hassle.

Having worked through multiple IT systems and relocations, Centrix has always been consultative and offered me practical solutions for Salvo’s requirements.

Centrix support is hands down the best I’ve experienced, IT help is consistently responsive. With our latest IT update, Salvo staff are also able to work from any of our locations and anywhere else which helps the business ensure the best possible outcome for our own customers.

I would say Centrix are extremely technically competent, but also have a very clear view of our business so everything is done in a way that works for us.

James Maitland

General Manager, Salvo Property Group

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