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Why Conducting Security Awareness Training Is Essential For Your Business’ Protection

Businesses today face serious cybersecurity threats. However, while we often associate these with hackers, did you know that it’s actually basic human errors that pose the greatest risk to your business?

With the increasing number of cyber-attacks and the growing complexity of technology, staff are exposed to different risks on a daily basis which can lead to reputation damage, financial losses and penalties for your business.

This is why the security of your business is everyone’s responsibility.

Employees can become your organisation’s strongest line of defence with proper training to prevent cyber incidents and protect your business against unauthorised access.

This is where Conducting Security Awareness Training comes in, shifting everyone’s mindset from reactive to proactive safety.

What is Security Awareness Training?

Security Awareness Training is the process of delivering cybersecurity education to all users who have access to your organisation’s computers, devices, systems and data.

By educating your workforce with security principles and best practices, Security Awareness Training mitigates potential human errors and improves decision-making to better address risks online.

Security Awareness Training is not just a one-time annual event you have to conduct for formality’s sake. Instead, it’s important to prioritise it as an ongoing program to help develop a sense of responsibility and accountability around your organisation’s safety against cyber breaches and threats.

What are the topics often involved in Security Awareness Training?

Security Awareness Training is typically offered online, where your staff can log in and undertake the training.

The lessons covered depend on the nature of your business, the job responsibilities of your users and the current requirements you have to improve security outcomes in your organisation.

Tailoring your Security Awareness Training will ensure your most urgent risks and most relevant concerns are addressed. But to give you some ideas, here are some of the Security Awareness Training topics you can discuss:

  • Understanding Cybersecurity
  • Phishing Awareness
  • Social Media Awareness
  • Email Security
  • Ransomware and Obligations
  • Password Security
  • Understanding Malware
  • Data Breach Notification
  • Global Privacy and Data Protection
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • Whistleblowing
  • GDPR Express
  • HIPAA Privacy & Security

What is the importance of conducting Security Awareness Training?

You might think that by installing anti-malware programs, performing virus scans and preparing data backup, that your systems are already protected enough from malicious threats and incidents.

However, no amount of technology can spare your business from cyber-attacks that arise due to user errors, lapses and inconsistencies (such as clicking on a link or entering password details into a phishing scam website) – especially when they don’t fully appreciate what threats exist and the best ways to address them.

Security Awareness Training overcomes this problem by equipping employees with all the resources and knowledge they need to strengthen your business’ security while optimising technology.

Through this comprehensive training, your workforce will be more aware of risky situations and be more prepared to keep your systems secure.

How to conduct Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training aims to empower your workforce to become more responsible protectors of your business’ systems both online and offline.

As part of this, it’s crucial to communicate how important their role is and why they should care. Effective facilitation of Security Awareness Training will also enable them to absorb information and become more engaged in reducing cybersecurity risks.

To help you conduct Security Awareness Training and get the best results, we’ve prepared some tips:

  • Make your discussion digestible

Security Awareness Training consists of many different topics. To make it less overwhelming for your employees, you may break down the discussions into concise segments or sections that can be sent regularly throughout the year.

This way, you can ensure that they are continuously learning new information and reminded of cybersecurity vigilance.

  • Provide relevant real-life examples and case studies

How can you encourage employees to take security measures seriously? By sharing real-life scenarios that resonate with the kind of work that they do.

You can also focus less on jargon and instead, delve more into examples and case studies that will make your security tips and advice memorable.

  • Utilise video and interactive content

People have short attention spans today. So using slideshows may prevent your employees from concentrating and retaining necessary information.

By using videos and making your training interactive, you’ll be able to engage more users and impart more valuable lessons.

  • Perform pre and post-training tests

Pre-training evaluations will enable you to avoid training redundancies, as you’ll recognise what kind of basic information your employees already know.

On the other hand, post-training tests will motivate your team to immediately recollect what they have learned and understand how to apply them first-hand.

  • Make it a continuous program

For Security Awareness Training to make a lasting impact, it must be conducted as an ongoing program. Management must set monthly sessions, send regular updates, deliver reminders, provide security tips and foster open communication with users regarding the concerns they have with cybersecurity.

  • Find the right cybersecurity training partners

Quality cybersecurity solution providers like Centrix help facilitate a better awareness of IT-related risks by providing the right cybersecurity training on how to effectively address issues and handle sensitive data. In addition, we also give you access to tools and products that further protect your business against cyber-attacks, threats and malicious intent.


With a comprehensive cybersecurity training program, your employees can be your strongest line of defence when it comes to safeguarding your business against security threats.

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