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Is Your IT Set Up for the New Remote Workforce Norm?

Is your IT set up for the new remote workforce norm?

Before 2020, many businesses viewed working from home as an option for employees who lived far from the office and remote working for sales staff on the road.

Then COVID-19 hit and suddenly, everyone was working from home and away from the office. But with restrictions easing now, working remotely went from being a necessity to a new norm for the commercial world.

Today, having a mobile workforce is common for both small organisations and large corporations alike. There are few who are returning to their offices, but many businesses have now fully embraced the work-from-home culture due to the advantages it offers, such as lower operational costs.

How is this set up so accessible today? Due to the availability of digital tools, online platforms and IT technology.

Having a reliable IT infrastructure is more crucial than ever before in this new business era as it makes a big difference in ensuring remote workers have all the technology and tools they need to remain productive. Having the right systems can also go a long way to protecting data privacy and securing critical information.

So, does your current IT setup have what it takes to support your working-from-home force?

Establishing your IT infrastructure for today’s new norm

What does a typical day look like for your team members?

They probably wake up, get a coffee and log onto your system remotely via a computer or device at home.

Employees take for granted how effectively they can communicate with their colleagues through emails, online chat systems and other messaging apps. They’ve also become accustomed to using Zoom, Google and other basic Microsoft applications to have meetings and perform everyday tasks.

But behind all of this is your IT infrastructure, and it should be set up to ensure your operations can keep running effectively and securely, no matter where people are. The different platforms and pieces of software should also be capable of tracking progress and making work efficient, despite people not being physically present.

While most business’ IT systems just coped during restrictions, now is the time to review everything so it continues to support people working so frequently out of the office.

For instance, it’s important that your IT setup has features such as:

  • the essential backbone technologies like VPN
  • data backup and recovery systems
  • network security and malware protection to ensure that employees are safe from potential cybersecurity risks and threats
  • digital platforms and Cloud technology that allows for secure remote access to essential files and folders
  • approved work devices, such as laptops.

Being equipped with supporting tools like a project management platform and timecard software can also make tasks and responsibilities more seamless.

For your organisation to enjoy long-term growth and success with an increasingly common remote workforce, now is a good opportunity to ensure your IT technology, infrastructure and support systems offer the expertise, resources and capacity to cater to your evolving requirements.

It’s time for an IT Infrastructure health-check

Let’s ask you a few quick questions:

  • Is your IT optimised to suit your business processes?
  • Are your internal IT platforms adequate to help remote employees manage their responsibilities even from afar?

It’s time to find out for sure.

Our IT professionals at Centrix can perform a full, obligation-free assessment to examine if your IT infrastructure is aligned with the industry’s best practices. Through our IT Health Check, you can also see how well your business is tracking when it comes to mitigating cybersecurity risks and saving operational costs.

We also provide recommendations and suitable solutions that can help your remote workforce achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability.

This way, you can focus on managing the needs of your business while we ensure you have the right technology and IT support services to keep up with the fast-paced landscape and growing demands of your clients.

Our Managed IT experts support your remote workforce in today’s business environment

At Centrix, we help small businesses and corporate organisations like yours succeed by managing, supporting and protecting your critical IT infrastructure.

With our extensive knowledge and expertise, our mission is to empower your whole team with comprehensive IT Service Packages or IT Managed Services to see you thrive in today’s digital landscape.

To start, book an IT Health Check today or you can contact us today.



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