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How Vulnerability Scanning can safeguard your Business against cyber risks and IT threats

To effectively run your operations, cater to your customers’ needs and make informed decisions, your organisation would be actively collecting, managing and storing data every day.

As essential as this data is (whether it’s your own intellectual property or your clients’ sensitive information), it can also easily be exploited by malicious attackers and cyber-criminals if left unprotected.

A data breach or incident is something no business wants to ever happen, especially if the consequences involve facing financial loss, reputational damage and legal liabilities.

So, to safeguard your data and other digital assets, you need to secure your network and proactively address any potential weaknesses or threats that can harm your IT systems.

This is where vulnerability scanning can help.


What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability scanning is an automated process that plays a critical role in identifying and classifying weaknesses and security vulnerabilities across your networks, operating systems, software components, applications and devices.

Typically performed by your IT department or a trusted third-party security provider, vulnerability scanning assesses the risks that come with security vulnerabilities and helps determine the right mitigation and remediation plans to address them.

By leveraging specialised vulnerability scanners, this process efficiently detects password breaches, suspicious applications, misconfigurations, malware, coding flaws and other potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities, so you can proactively enhance the security posture of your IT systems.


What are the common types of Vulnerability Scanning?

  • External Vulnerability Scans

External vulnerability scanning examines your internet-facing assets such as websites, networks, mail servers, firewalls and other systems that can be accessed by people outside your organisation. It involves searching for potential entry points and weaknesses that intruders can use to take advantage of your data.

  • Internal Vulnerability Scans

Internal vulnerability scanning is performed within your internal enterprise network to monitor workstations, databases, servers and applications, thus ensuring business continuity and protecting your critical assets from unauthorised internal activities.

  • Authenticated Vulnerability Scans

Authenticated vulnerability scanning involves the use of valid login credentials such as usernames and passwords to facilitate a more in-depth assessment of your IT systems and web applications.

  • Unauthenticated Vulnerability Scans

Unauthenticated vulnerability scanning inspects your networks, systems and applications from an outside perspective by simulating how malicious users would attempt to identify potential weaknesses and attack you through these security vulnerabilities.

Remember: you’re not limited to using only a certain type of vulnerability scan. You can combine several vulnerability scanning strategies to strengthen your organisation’s defences against cyber-attacks.

What are the benefits of Vulnerability Scanning to your business?

  • Increases your cybersecurity measures

Vulnerability scanning enables you to become more proactive, agile and effective in assessing risks and potential threats, preventing security incidents and data breaches from adversely impacting your business. It also allows you to develop a well-informed contingency plan should an uncontrollable event occur in the future.

  • Boosts consumers’ trust and confidence

Performing vulnerability scanning is one way to demonstrate your commitment to protecting customers’ personal information and critical data. This can foster greater trust and help maintain the integrity of your business, leading you to develop lasting and profitable relationships with clients.

  • Ensures compliance with industry and regulatory standards

Vulnerability scanning enables you to meet regulatory requirements to mitigate the risks of facing legal and financial consequences. It also helps in enhancing your reputation as a responsible entity in your industry.

  • Provides you with cost savings

Conducting vulnerability scans minimises the possibility of cyber-attacks occurring, saving you from dealing with expensive damages, repairs and recovery costs that come with them.

  • Equips you with peace of mind

Vulnerability scanning helps you detect security gaps before malicious users can penetrate them to their advantage. It also provides valuable insights into how to fortify your IT systems and prevent data breaches, giving you the peace of mind that your digital assets are well-protected, and your overall security posture is proactive and resilient against potential threats.


Do you want to safeguard your business against cyber risks and threats?

To succeed in today’s evolving digital business world, you need to identify weak spots in your own digital environment, assess the risks present and protect your IT systems from threats.

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Centrix can also manage all of your IT needs for you, so you can focus more on your business and your customers.


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