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Does my business need antivirus software?

Malware, or Malicious software, is a reality we all face. While you may have never experienced a threat or attack before, it doesn’t mean you never will.

As part of Centrix’s dedication to assisting small to medium sized businesses to grow successfully by effectively using digital and IT services, we have created a series of articles to help you familiarise yourself with technology topics you need to know.

In this blog, we address the big question of antivirus software- we’re all heard about it, but what is it really, and do we need it?

What technology threats are SME’s up against?

Unfortunately, with the popularity of digital and online technology, Malware, or Malicious software, is a reality we all face, and while you may have never personally experienced a threat or attack before, it doesn’t mean you never will.

Newer updates in programs like Windows and MAC OS tend to be far more secure, however that has also lulled some businesses into a false sense of security. As fast as those providers protect against a virus, is as fast as new ones come into existence.

Your IT system is the backbone of your operations which is why it’s always recommended to be cautious, especially as an infection can be more than just a minor inconvenience.


Your Business is Highly Digital

Despite what you may think, your business and every other one around you is online today; it’s unavoidable because it’s where we all operate. It’s inevitable to use the internet at some point or another.

However, this also means that all of your valuable data, your Intellectual Property (IP), your teams and devices, your revenue figures, and so on may also be online, too.

While this has become the norm and no one questions it at all, you’re also potentially vulnerable to serious cyber threats which could significantly cost and cripple your business.

This is why most businesses look into antivirus software providers to give them a little more protection against these kinds of attacks. But, does your business need it?

Is it worth the risk?

While it’s not essential to install antivirus software, it really comes down to a balancing of benefits versus risk.

Some providers may be quite active when it comes to combating and preventing viruses, but there are so many other threats like ransomware, Trojans, backdoors and spyware, all of which can potentially cause some serious harm.

Just like most situations, no business ever believes it will happen to them until it does, and with growing technology trends such as Automation and AI creating different vulnerabilities, it’s becoming easier for cybercriminals to hack your systems.

How do I keep my business safe in the digital space?

  1. Your internal practises

    Good practises are active things you and your colleagues can do to keep your systems safer from a practical standpoint. For example, avoiding suspicious emails, not connecting to public networks, keeping software like Java and Flash up to date, and monitoring whose computer has access to certain files can all help your business be more vigilant and security conscious.

  2. Anti-virus software

    These can vary and cover a wide range of Malware threats, however they also do range in effectiveness, so it’s best to look at your options.


Want to know more?

Being aware of the digital threats which exist is essential, so as to avoid any future issues.

This is just one of the many relevant technology issues facing small to medium-sized businesses today, so it’s important that your organisation is familiar with the whole landscape to avoid any issues and continue on the path towards positive growth.

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