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Cloud Computing: does my business need it?

Cloud computing is all about using the internet to access information which allow you to store your data off-site, using shared external resources.

As part of Centrix’s dedication to assisting small to medium sized businesses to grow successfully by effectively using digital and IT services, we have created a series of articles to help you familiarise yourself with technology topics you need to know.In this blog, we discuss the use of the cloud to meet your needs as a small to medium business and the benefits it offers.

What is “the cloud”?

The Cloud is relatively new to the mainstream technology, but it has been adopted quickly due to the advantages it offers, both for personal and business use. In fact, you may already be using it without even realising, to back-up for information, web-based email services, or even storing your music, videos and photos online.

“Cloud” is a bit of a buzzword which makes it sound as though it’s floating around like mist, however that’s more in reference to the way our data and files can be accessible from everywhere. In reality, it’s a set-up of physical infrastructure with computers inside warehouses around the world. So, instead of you storing information only on your computers in your office, you use the internet to access others which allow you to store it off-site.

What is “cloud computing”?

The phrase, ‘Cloud computing’ steams from this, and refers to a way you have access to sharing external resources, such as storage, to improve your operations rather than just relying on your office computers alone. 


How does it help your business?

For smaller to medium-sized businesses (SMEs), cloud computing offers you many benefits, most of which are about being more efficient and saving you money.

This is because you can store your data and even access software and applications remotely, which can remove some of the direct costs of ownership, as well as the indirect costs of maintenance, storage, and spending time acquiring hardware and software.

In essence, it gives you assess to four essential advantages that your business can adapt to, in order to grow:

  1. Flexibility, as most cloud services are available as you need.
  2. Scalability, because as you grow, you can easily use more cloud resources.
  3. Accessibility, due to being on the cloud, your staff can access files anywhere.
  4. Cost-efficiency, because you pay only for your usage.

Want to know more?

Cloud computing technology is a service which offers your business a lot of versatility across many functions of your business, so it’s worth learning more about what it can offer you.

This is just one of the many relevant technology issues facing small to medium-sized businesses today, so it’s important that your organisation is familiar with the whole landscape to continue on the path towards positive growth.

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