Accounting Firm, Bongiorno & Partners, moves to welcome new IT advancements with Centrix

While financial services often embrace the latest tech when it comes to the solutions they provide clients, the industry faces the same challenges as most others when it comes to ensuring their inhouse tech is keeping up with their growth.

Bongiorno & Partners, a renowned Australian financial services business specialising in supporting medical and dental professionals, realised that they were in this exact situation and they needed to take action.

Here’s how Centrix was able to support their growth with a bespoke offering.


The Situation

Bongiorno & Partners has experienced incredible growth over the last few years, going from a team of 35 staff to over 80 and rising.

But just as their company has evolved, so has the world of technology around them. Bongiorno & Partners realised that they had to keep up and find better ways to accommodate their expansion, especially around technology.

With an experienced internal IT team, Bongiorno & Partners has successfully navigated the demands of a growing business and the expectations of staff and clients. However, with the recent rapid growth and change of pace in technology, they realised they needed to leverage the experience and expertise of an external partner. The focus needed to shift from fixing and upgrading IT to focusing on technology that would benefit the company and its key stakeholders (both staff and clients). This led them to consider the business benefits this could provide and the possible implications over the next few years if they didn’t shift from their internal infrastructure.

Their IT and Management team performed an extensive market evaluation and, after conducting a detailed review of shortlisted partners who focused on Bongiorno more than themselves, they decided that Centrix was the best fit for them.

As a growing business, Bongiorno was seeking a technology partner that would provide bespoke, personalised and client-centred services. Centrix offered them this service and stood out from the crowd by focusing on how technology can help the business and not treat IT as a commodity.


Where there’s growth, there’s opportunity

As part of their growth, Bongiorno & Partners had planned on moving to a new office space in 2021. They decided this was also the perfect opportunity to leave old IT practices behind and begin the transition to a better tech approach.

While this was a great idea, this presented quite a big undertaking, with the challenge of keeping everything smooth and seamless during both a physical and digital move.


Our approach

Centrix proposed a comprehensive 5-year solution, which included a full plan to transition into the new environment, supported by a technology roadmap and a suite of fit-for-purpose services that would be more than capable of accommodating their expanding business needs.

As part of this, Centrix worked with the business to ensure clients and staff could access any system, any time from any device, maximising convenience and productivity. This meant that the solution was set up to fully support ongoing business objectives, remote workforces and changes in structure.

“At Centrix, the customer is always at the centre of our approach. When we met with Bongiorno & Partners, we took the time to understand their culture, how they service their clients and how their entire workforce operates. From there, we were able to develop solutions and services to accommodate their growth effectively.” – Eddie Mahdi (CEO of Centrix).


The outcome

Bongiorno & Partners and Centrix started the process by collaborating together, scoping out the steps required to manage the whole journey. The outcome was a comprehensive plan to seamlessly transition Bongiorno from all current IT platforms to a new office, with modern technology, modern platforms and a clear path over the next five years with the business itself driving technology decisions.

“The Centrix team took the time to listen to our specifications and analyse our current systems to understand them, and then implement a solution that best suited the direction we were headed as a business.” – Patrick Adonis (IT Manager at Bongiorno & Partners).


Looking at a long-term result

With the plan signed off, both for the short-term office move and long-term journey, Bongiorno & Partners is excited about the path ahead, and are confident they will achieve the best technology outcomes for the business.

“This is a big step for us. We understand it’s a massive project. However, having Centrix working alongside us means we know we’re in good hands.”  Warren Davis (Taxation Director at Bongiorno & Partners).

Centrix’s roll-out plan is designed to ensure business continuity throughout this transition, all while accommodating Bongiorno & Partners’ growth trajectory. This will involve our team working alongside theirs to make their transition a flawless success.

“We’re looking forward to where our partnership with Centrix will take us, not just now but into the future as we invest in best and the latest technology, all of which will help further improve our services to our own clients.” – Patrick Adonis (IT Manager at Bongiorno & Partners).


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