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Business Benefits That An IT Managed Service Provider Offers You

5 Business Benefits That An IT Managed Service Provider Offers You

In today’s digital business landscape, the right IT infrastructure, systems and networks are essential to your operations and overall success.

From small businesses to multinational corporations, the commercial world relies on Information Technology every day. So, being equipped with innovative and proactive IT enables businesses to meet evolving technology trends, manage cybersecurity concerns and the growing demands of daily operations.

This means having a team of IT professionals to support the smooth running of these systems. Fortunately, you can rely on Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to assist your in-house IT team or to be your own IT team altogether.

With a trusted MSP by your side, your business can keep up with the pace of innovation, address issues efficiently and prevent costly downtimes.

Let’s discuss all the business advantages that MSPs offer.


What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a third-party company that delivers remote monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure, applications, networks and systems to ensure they are always up and running optimally.

Leveraging the help of a quality MSP partner ensures that your IT is working for you, allowing your business to accomplish more tasks, meet customers’ requirements and earn higher returns using the right tools and technologies.

MSPs offer a variety of outsourced services such as:

    • software updates
    • storage management
    • backup solutions
    • IT disaster and recovery plans
    • cybersecurity measures
    • infrastructure monitoring and
    • proactive network maintenance.

By augmenting your overall business’ IT, a quality MSP like Centrix serves both as a proactive technology partner as well as an always-to-the-rescue IT service, there to help you streamline operations, enhance productivity, save costs and maximise returns.


5 reasons to leverage the help of a quality MSP

Did you know that the global managed services market was valued at $185.98 billion in 2019? It is also projected to reach $356.24 billion by 2025.

There’s a reason for this.

It shows that small, medium and large businesses around the world are seeing the benefits of having an outsourced managed IT provider to enhance their technology set-up, security and operational efficiency.

Here are some of the business benefits an MSP offers you:

    • MSPs give you access to the latest technologies.

As the fast-paced market evolves, your customers’ expectations evolve along with it. To prevent your business from getting left behind, it’s crucial to investigate and adopt the latest tools and platforms.

An MSP can set up a robust IT system and help you utilise the latest tools and technologies that will suit your business’ growing needs.

    • MSPs take your security to the next level.

Due to the pandemic, many organisations have shifted more to remote working. Cybercriminals have seen this as an opportunity to exploit important data and hack systems by causing security issues.

MSPs aim to safeguard your IT infrastructure, networks and systems through up-to-date security and monitoring solutions. Working with an MSP ensures you have someone to proactively address cybersecurity concerns and provide a backup plan when the need arises.

    • MSPs enable your business to be more effective and efficient.

Whether you need to scale up your IT systems or downgrade them for temporary projects, an outsourced managed IT service can be flexible and adapt to your requirements. By doing all the legwork for you, an MSP enables you to save time, effort and resources so you can get the most value from your IT investments.

    • MSPs are always ready to provide the support and assistance you need

A reliable MSP has the capacity to assist you 24/7 – providing you with on-call options and even weekend support to help maintain your IT operations.

They also offer real-time monitoring and management, so potential issues and vulnerabilities can easily be addressed before they become serious problems.

    • MSPs guarantee your success with Tech Roadmaps.

Like any other business, your company is technology-dependent to deliver the highest standards of services for customers and all stakeholders. An MSP supports you in this by providing ongoing and longer-term strategies that will enable you to implement the right IT systems and solutions.

Backed with expertise, skills and extensive knowledge of IT technology, an MSP equips you with professional and tech-based plans to ensure your IT infrastructure, networks and systems are aligned with your businesses goals and growth trajectory.


As an MSP, Centrix offers comprehensive managed IT services to keep your operations running effectively and securely. Our commitment as your MSP partner is focused on managing and supporting your IT infrastructure so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Always and in all ways, you can rely on our IT solutions to meet your specific requirements and equip you with the tech capabilities to grow your business.


Our Managed IT experts empower your business’ IT

Centrix helps small businesses and large corporate organisations like yours succeed by managing, supporting and protecting your critical IT infrastructure.

To see you thrive in today’s digital landscape, we offer bespoke Managed IT packages that address your specific requirements – whether that’s simply maintaining your current IT and communications systems or having a fully outsourced IT team to perform technical tasks for your business.

Let’s discuss how we can partner with you. Book an IT Health Check today or contact us today.



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