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7 Reasons Why Backing Up Cloud Data Is Important

Do you use the Cloud for business? You’re not alone.

Living in the digital era today means Cloud technologies are commonly used by businesses across the world due to the many benefits they offer. With Cloud, teams can collaborate efficiently, work remotely and store important data in a readily accessible location.

However, it’s important to remember that using The Cloud bears some risks too – risks that businesses don’t often consider.

The threat of viruses online, the presence of malicious hackers and uncontrollable events like employees accidentally deleting files means businesses still need to be careful. It’s important to have a Plan B (for back-up) so that if anything does happen, you can ensure your business can continue to run in the event of a disaster.

To understand why backing up Cloud data is essential for every business today, here’s everything you need to know.

Businesses don’t have complete control over Cloud data

You’re using The Cloud – so you’re files are very safe, right?

This is an assumption most businesses make and it’s incorrect. Just because you are creating and exchanging data over the Cloud, doesn’t mean your digital assets are completely protected. Most Cloud service providers have no backup guarantee, while some offer only a few weeks of backup – but you have to tick that option, which most businesses miss.

This makes your digital assets vulnerable to viruses and Trojans that can steal or erase data without your knowledge. Ransomware attacks by hackers can also encrypt your data and cost your business a huge amount of money just to recover access.

It may not even be malicious! Everyone makes mistakes and your employees may inadvertently delete documents or make unnecessary file changes that, without the right backup, can put your operations at risk.

In fact, recent studies show that 93% of businesses that lost important data due to a disaster like this filed for bankruptcy within a year. This is a serious concern for businesses – all because of the risky assumption that their Cloud providers keep them safe.

Fortunately, there are excellent backup services you can rely on to protect your business from ever experiencing this.

What is Cloud backup?

According to a Unitrends’ 2019 survey, 84% of all businesses store data or backups in the Cloud.

Cloud backup works by copying your Cloud data to another safe location, so that when the original source of data is compromised, you can still restore important information and maintain continuous business operations.

Keep in mind too that while applications like Dropbox and Google Drive can be utilised to store and exchange digital assets, they unfortunately lack some critical features that prevent them from being a true Cloud backup service.

An excellent backup service like the one we provide at Centrix allows for unlimited file backups, stores many versions of digital assets and creates automated backups that can effectively secure your business data.

Aside from proactive protection against data loss or viruses, Cloud backup for many businesses is also essential to comply with some industry standards or regulations – for instance, if you’re working with the Australian Government.

What are the business benefits of backing up Cloud Data?

  1. Allows you to easily retrieve data

Cloud data backup makes it possible for you to recover destroyed, lost or deleted data in just a few clicks. With this, you can save your business from stalling, breach fines and reputation damage.

  1. Offers an advanced level of data protection

Cloud backup ensures that your data is encrypted whenever it is being transferred from one end to another, preventing hackers and cybercriminals from getting unauthorised access.

  1. Enables accessibility and compatibility with different devices

Data backed up in a Cloud can be accessed anywhere and anytime by your employees, provided you grant them permission. Cloud-based data backup solutions are also compatible with different devices for your convenience.

  1. Eases costs and maximises scalability

Unlike onsite physical hardware or other expensive equipment in your office, Cloud-based backup has unlimited storage expansion that is less expensive to maintain. This kind of backup is also safe from disasters like flood, fire and theft.

  1. Records edits and other changes

Having a back-up for your Cloud data provides you with details regarding file version histories, allowing you to recover data from any point in time.

  1. Delivers support services to your business

Most Cloud-based backup providers offer customer support services that can equip your staff with the right training and assistance to fully utilise the backup service.

  1. Provides complete peace of mind

Backing up your Cloud data eliminates any concerns around data theft, viruses and other events that can put your assets in danger. It also allows you to focus on more urgent matters of your business without worrying if your data is at risk.

You might often hear that any backup is better than none

While that’s true, it shouldn’t stop you from getting the optimal data backup solution that can provide your business with the right protection it needs. Especially because back-up options can vary in effectiveness.

At Centrix, we can help you back up all of your critical Intellectual Property and data by assessing your needs, creating risk strategies and developing backup systems to secure your data.

Whether you intend to automate a backup system to another Cloud, have physical storage or both – you can trust that our team of IT specialists will have you covered.

Our Managed IT experts guarantee your data is fully backed up.

Centrix helps small businesses all the way to large corporate organisations using Cloud storage by assessing, managing, supporting and protecting your critical IT infrastructure. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, you can maintain your systems to the highest standards and help your business thrive in today’s digital landscape.

To keep your data safe and ensure there won’t be any interruption to your business’ success, we provide backup services and disaster recovery plan tailored to your needs.

Don’t risk your data’s security or wait until it’s too late.

Speak to us today for a complimentary initial chat.



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