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5 reasons why businesses should consider using Microsoft Teams as a phone system

Communication is absolutely essential in business.

For the longest time, we have been dependent on the use of traditional phone systems to connect with our colleagues and clients. We make sales calls, receive support enquiries and update our teams all day by picking up our mobile phones or a handset.

However, technology is rapidly evolving and with this constant innovation, a lot of digital communication and collaboration platforms are now offering viable alternatives with benefits that make them a smart business decision.

Most recently, Microsoft Teams introduced an effective way of integrating phone systems into their existing app, which is changing the communications game.

The rise of flexible working conditions and remote work has also led to a rise in the use of these platforms, like Microsoft Teams, to bring organisations together, even when staff are physically apart.

Read on to learn more about how you can utilise this new feature to streamline your business processes.


What’s the new MS Teams phone system feature all about?

Microsoft Teams in itself functions as a messaging application and a file-sharing platform for organisations around the world.

Essentially, it allows you to communicate, collaborate, schedule meetings and share files or apps, all while keeping everything organised in one place and accessible to all members of your organisation.

In recent years, MS Teams launched a phone system feature.

So, how does it work?

This new system enables you to save costs and streamline operations by allowing you to manage all types of business correspondence in one place. With this new system, calls, chat, virtual meetings and other collaborative functions can be carried out in a single app.

It works by integrating your phone system to Teams, allowing your users to make and take phone calls anytime and anywhere. With this new feature, you can put your business within the reach of anyone.


How to optimise the new MS Teams phone system to your advantage?

At Centrix, we are able to maximise this new feature by connecting it to SIP services from Australian telcos. We have made it easy for your own team to gain call connectivity to Teams, allowing communications to be more convenient for your business and stakeholders.

When it’s linked to and adapting the services of your local Australian telcos, you can enjoy this extensive list of features that your business can benefit from:

  • secure and reliable calling
  • auto-attendants
  • call queues
  • consultative transfer
  • voicemail transcription
  • high-quality audio powered by Microsoft cloud

All of these can be managed using the same platform as your existing Microsoft 365 and Office 365 services.


Why integrate your phone system with Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft 365 already has a well-established reputation for its accessibility, security and user-friendly design. The added benefit of the phone system allows you to take the benefits of the Microsoft Teams to the next level.

By seamlessly integrating your phone systems to Teams, you can experience the following benefits:

  1. Convenience

As this new system comes with the existing Microsoft Teams platform that most businesses already use today, there is no need to learn to navigate several applications to handle all business processes. You and your team can now channel all your processes and communications into one place that can be used by everyone.

If your team members are working from home, this also eliminates the need to provide them with multiple devices to carry out all their tasks and activities.

  1. Accessibility

Speaking of remote work, the Microsoft Teams voice solution allows your team to make phone calls, anytime and anywhere – as long as they have their device and a stable internet connection.

This allows your staff to maximise productivity even though they are outside of your office’s premises.

  1. Flexibility

To make sure that you can make the most out of this new feature, you can discuss options with your current Australian telco and then integrate your phone system with Teams, all tailored to your business’ unique needs.

  1. Cost savings

With every tool you need in one place, you don’t have to spend money on multiple devices per staff member. This will allow you to redirect your budget to other resources that will help grow your business.

  1. Single tech support

Unifying your communication systems gives you the benefit of having one point of contact for all support and enquiries. So, whether you’re having issues with your phone systems, emails or file sharing, all you need to do is call the one IT partner – not multiple businesses at once.


How to integrate your phone system with Microsoft Teams

This new feature and all of its benefits are available as an add-on to your existing Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plans. It can be purchased directly from Microsoft or through an IT Partner, like us at Centrix.

For more information, you can reach out to us at Centrix and we’ll be happy to discuss how you can make use of Microsoft Teams as your phone system.

This way, we can help you adopt the latest technology and empower your business’ communications with security, accessibility and efficiency.


Let Centrix take your phone systems to the next level

Your phone calls are a significant part of your business’ success.

At Centrix, ensuring reliable phone systems is part of our multi-layered productivity and security approach. We help small businesses all the way up to corporate organisations succeed by managing, supporting and protecting critical IT infrastructure.

Backed with our extensive knowledge and expertise, Centrix is here to support your whole team with comprehensive IT Service Packages, Cybersecurity Protection and Managed Services.

So, are you ready to thrive in today’s digital landscape?

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