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5 Benefits of Using Microsoft OneDrive in Your Business

With today’s business landscape becoming increasingly more remote, offshore, onsite and from home, organisations need to find more effective ways to store, protect and access files.

The best practise solution is, of course, Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage has become one of the most common ways of storing data due to its long list of benefits, including convenience, efficiency, team collaboration and cost-effectiveness. Uploading files to The Cloud means they are saved on remote computers in data centres that are located across multiple regions all over the world. With cloud computing, you can then access these servers from anywhere and on any device via the Internet.

Microsoft OneDrive is a prominent brand in the Cloud Storage space, especially for businesses.


What is OneDrive?

Developed by Microsoft and first launched in August 2007, OneDrive is a file hosting and file synchronisation service that allows you to store business data and files such as photos, documents, videos and more so that everyone in your business can access and work on them from wherever they are – so long as you have the approved credentials.

Microsoft OneDrive also enables you to sync system settings, visual customisations, themes, app settings and even passwords across entire business teams.

Most importantly, OneDrive allows you to back up specific locations from your computer to The Cloud and vice versa. Enabling this feature means you can keep work files stored on your work laptop folder, which then synchronises with your work desktop and on your OneDrive, effectively giving you a reliable automatic backup for your most important files.

So, is Microsoft OneDrive the right Cloud solution for your business?


5 beneficial reasons why you should integrate OneDrive into your business

At Centrix, many of our clients ask:

“Should I use Microsoft OneDrive in my business?”
“Is Microsoft OneDrive right for my company?”
“What are the advantages of Microsoft OneDrive over others?”

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably considering the same questions.

At Centrix, we believe that Cloud Storage is the right solution for any business or company, simply because it offers extra storage and provides superior accessibility across all of your team members – whether they’re remote or in the office.

In terms of Microsoft OneDrive, here are the five key benefits it offers businesses:

  1. Sizable Storage Space

For most subscription plans, the default storage space that OneDrive For Business (ODFB) offers its users is up to 1 terabyte (TB), which is far more than what most organisations would typically use. However, it should be noted that, by default, the data you sync from OneDrive is stored on your local drive.

So, if you are syncing large amounts of data and you have limited space on your actual hard disk, you may run into problems. Fortunately, ODFB provides you with options to control what data is synced.

Administrators can also easily determine how much storage space their employees are using by visiting the storage metrics page.

  1. Reliable uptime

OneDrive has a high availability feature that guarantees that if one server is down, its backup system will instantly kick in.

This means you won’t have to worry about trying to access your data and finding the server down. As a business that needs easy and consistent access to all of your important files and documents, OneDrive ensures you will have a reliable uptime when you use their Cloud Storage service.

  1. Flexible sharing with encrypted security

When working on sensitive files in a business, security is essential – and Microsoft OneDrive provides this.

Administrators can set specific privileges for other team members which ensures that sensitive information is not shared with unauthorised people. Document access can also be timed and once the period lapses, access to the document is restricted again. Files within OneDrive Cloud Storage are also encrypted as well to mitigate the risk of data breaches.

  1. Easy file accessibility

OneDrive can seamlessly sync with any of your approved work devices – from your smartphone to desktop, laptops and every other device in between.

For modern businesses who always work on the go or have remote teams in Australia and even overseas, you can have all of your files with you at all times at the click of a button. Everything is stored live in The Cloud and ready whenever you or your team need anything.

  1. Efficient document management

When collaborating with other users on a document, having several versions of the same document will not be a confusing problem. OneDrive will easily manage your documents and add changes to the same document, allowing team members to work together live.

It even indicates that the file has been edited and shows any changes that have been made. For a business that allows working from home and the office, this is a benefit that your team members will appreciate, while helping support their productivity.

Do these Microsoft OneDrive benefits sound appealing to you?

Then it may be time to consider OneDrive for your business – and we can help you get it all set up correctly.


Let Centrix take your Cloud computing system to the next level with Microsoft OneDrive

Having an efficient Cloud file replication service secures your business data, supports team collaboration, allows easy access to documents via multiple devices including your smartphone and ensures important files are kept safe.

At Centrix, our Cloud IT services are designed as part of our multi-layered productivity and security approach. We help small businesses all the way up to corporate organisations succeed by managing, supporting and protecting their critical IT infrastructure.

Backed by our extensive knowledge and expertise, Centrix is here to support your whole team with comprehensive IT Service Packages, Cybersecurity Protection and Managed Services.

So, are you ready to thrive in today’s digital landscape with Microsoft OneDrive?

To learn more about our Managed IT services, book an IT Health Check or contact us today.



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