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5 Benefits of SharePoint For Your Business

According to Microsoft, more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies are using SharePoint.

With its document management, content management, knowledge management and project management systems, SharePoint has earned its reputation as one of the most reliable productivity tools for businesses today.

However, SharePoint isn’t just for multinational companies. It can also help organisations of all sizes and industries with today’s ever-evolving digital landscape and growing remote workforce.

But first, you need to understand how SharePoint works and the ways you can optimise its use according to the needs of your organisation.

To give you a better idea, we’ve provided a quick guide on how you can take full advantage of SharePoint in your business.


What is Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web-based platform by Microsoft that empowers your team to collaborate and work effectively. It also enables you to create websites, store files and organise information from any device.

As it equips you with a comprehensive list of features like automated workflows, centralised administration, integrated databases, document storage and security systems, SharePoint helps you eliminate internal silos, streamline work and track progress.

It also enables you to make smarter decisions as a business by allowing you to collect, display and share critical information more efficiently.

In addition, SharePoint is a configurable tool, meaning you can guarantee that it works well with different businesses of all sizes, and that it can be tailored to suit your business’ unique requirements.


What are the benefits of using SharePoint?

The interconnected world we have today makes everyone expect everything to be accessible in just a few clicks. To keep pace with this fast-paced environment, businesses should also transform their systems and processes to enable this convenience.

SharePoint is a powerful platform that can help you do just that. With the benefits it offers, you can easily achieve organisational efficiency, boost productivity and ensure long-term business profitability.

Here are some advantages of using SharePoint that can enhance the way you work as a business:

  1. Integration with other Microsoft Products

SharePoint integrates well with Outlook, OneDrive, MS Teams and other Office 365 tools. As a result, you can easily sync files and access documents anywhere you and your team are.

Promising you a seamless digital experience, SharePoint also enables you to monitor and manage multiple versions of content in real-time.

  1. Scalable

You can rely on SharePoint to grow alongside your organisation. It is a highly scalable platform that can adapt to the expanding needs of your organisation, regardless of the number of employees you currently have and will have in the future.

New web applications and workflows can also be added to meet your business’ growth. The best part is – you don’t often need advanced coding and technical skills to set these all up effectively.

  1. Security and enhanced control

With SharePoint, you can strengthen your organisation’s cyber defences, too. It has an advanced capability to manage user permissions that enables your team to share digital assets without exposing any sensitive propriety information. Since Microsoft invests $1B in Cloud security every year, the risks of cyber-attacks, leaks and vulnerabilities are also minimised.

Furthermore, SharePoint allows you to regulate users who can view, edit or delete documents. To guarantee compliance with your privacy and internal policies, it also enables you to monitor your users’ online behaviour.

  1. Cost savings through consolidation

As SharePoint saves you from the hassle of managing separate cloud accounts, data storage and operating systems, it also prevents you from incurring multiple duplicate expenses. Hosting operations with one integrated platform reduces your vulnerability to holes, leaks and bugs that can all be costly to fix for your business.

With this consolidation, SharePoint improves your team’s productivity and overall efficiency by reducing wasted time, resources and money.

  1. More productive and collaborative work setup

SharePoint drives positive outcomes for your business by giving your team the means to effectively synergise and perform well in their jobs. It equips your people with the right tools to succeed, such as:

  • SharePoint Content Management – enables you to publish and edit internal content that is relevant for your employees
  • SharePoint Document Management – provides your team access to all the files they need, right at their fingertips
  • SharePoint Knowledge Management – makes it easy for your team to gather insights and feedback
  • SharePoint Project Management – allows you to track tasks, share important project details and manage deliverables


It’s time to enhance how you work with Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a value-adding platform that offers you more opportunities to improve your team’s performance. The benefits it delivers can help you achieve a higher degree of internal collaboration, especially today where interconnectivity and interoperability have become more relevant than ever.

At Centrix, we have Microsoft SharePoint experts who can develop a range of innovative solutions for all of your business challenges. Our team can equip you with a fully integrated system to enhance efficiency and productivity levels within your business.


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