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In today’s highly digital world, Information Technology (IT) is the backbone of all businesses, encompassing a wide range of services at every level.

Your business’ IT systems includes hardware requirements, such as computers, servers, data storage, and devices.

Software needs, including the core line of business and collaboration applications as well as services, such as internet connectivity, telephony, support and troubleshooting.



Your IT infrastructure and systems must achieve good Return On Investment (ROI), and this is only possible if it is working both effectively and efficiently.

As business scales, and you introduce new systems, your IT requirements will shift over time. Continuing to maintain old systems and structures that no longer fulfil your needs can lead to bottlenecks. Your operations may also struggle to keep up with the competition due to having to work with outdated technology.

Unleash your business’ full potential with a discreet and independent IT Health Check. The experts at Centrix will review your entire set up, and deliver a checklist of suggestions about how you can resolve any issues and risks we have found.

To learn more about how to review your current IT system, or to ask any questions, speak to our friendly team about The Centrix IT Health Check. Speak to our friendly team about The Centrix IT Health Check.



What approach should you take to ensure your IT solution equips your business with the best capabilities to achieve your objectives, while keeping within your budget?

IT strategy and design aims to implement the optimal IT solution for your business needs. Expertly executed, this can improve your customer service levels, lower your operational costs, improve revenue, and give your business a much needed edge over the competition.

Our professional team of consultants will work to understand your processes and systems, and develop a plan toward a comprehensive solution which will improve your infrastructure.

Contact our IT Strategy and Design Team today to learn how we can take your business to the next level.



Does your team have the right tools needed to achieve operational success?

When it comes to tools for success, it’s not just about selecting the right hardware and software applications, but also acquiring the right package, service and support at the best price through the right suppliers.

For example, identifying the need for Smart tablets for the sales team and then choosing the right bundle to match their needs will cut down wastage and ensure compliance. However, this can be quite a significant undertaking.

IT Solutions providers like Centrix leverage years of experience to offer you independent advice and recommendations. Our IT Acquisitions and Procurement team can help you to source the right equipment for your needs, at the optimal price level.

To learn more about how we can help you, speak to our IT Acquisitions and Procurement team today.



IT projects include things like installations, office relocations, upgrades, migrations and infrastructure changes. These projects can improve your business’ operations and resilience.

But how do you ensure that these projects achieve Return On Investment, and avoid derailment or budget blowouts?

A professional IT service provider can provide the detailed management needed to ensure these solutions and projects are implemented correctly. The best IT Project Management and Implementation services will take care of the project the entire way, from planning and development, all the way to projection completion.

This way, you can focus on your business, knowing your IT projects and upgrades are in professional and experienced hands.

Talk to the Centrix IT Project Management and Implementation Solutions team today to discuss your upcoming projects, and how we can help ensure their smooth and successful completion.



Unfortunately, not everything in business goes completely to plan. Unexpected failures, errors and data loss can lead to operational interruptions that can have ongoing repercussions for your business.

IT Continuity ensures your business is prepared for unforeseen circumstances. It involves putting the right measures and plans in place to protect your business in the event of an unexpected incident, keep your IT services stable, minimise downtime and data loss, and ensure rapid recovery.

Centrix can work with you on disaster recovery and system security measures to give you complete peace of mind at all times. Contact our IT Continuity team today for more information about how we can protect your business.


See how happy our clients are

We have implemented a significant change from engaging Centrix. Centrix provided a snapshot of our existing set up and proposed alternatives. Our migration to Office 365 has settled a large range of email issues we were experiencing. The massive changes we have implemented have given us a level of comfort in terms of reliability and security.

We would recommend Centrix to others. We found them easy to deal with, able to talk in laymen’s terms and offer a desirable solution. We selected Centrix over 3 other providers as they gave us the most confidence that they could satisfy our needs.

Paul Sleeman
Group Financial Controller, Austral Monsoon Group

Before engaging Centrix we were concerned that we may not be able to get the same level of support as someone full time. What we actually found was that staff became less dependent on our internal IT resource and attempted to fix their own problems before contacting external support.

We’ve experienced great ticket resolution times between 3-8 hours and we now have multiple people who are across how Altura Learning IT infrastructure works. Our IT works, we have better documentation and Centrix have provided solutions that covered both offices in Australia and UK. Prior to this our single IT administrator had to cover both countries from Australia, which resulted in poor working hours.

Centrix have proved to be an effective IT solution for Altura Learning – They fit well and offer good solutions to SME’s.

Grant Ricker
Chief Operating Officer, Altura Learning

Engaging Centrix to look after our IT has allowed myself and the business to focus on our own business activities. We had previously spent a lot of time working on our IT and never to a level of knowledge or professionalism we receive from Centrix. This alone represents a huge saving in terms of cost and administrative hassle.

Having worked through multiple IT systems and relocations, Centrix has always been consultative and offered me practical solutions for Salvo’s requirements.

Centrix support is hands down the best I’ve experienced, IT help is consistently responsive. With our latest IT update, Salvo staff are also able to work from any of our locations and anywhere else which helps the business ensure the best possible outcome for our own customers.

I would say Centrix are extremely technically competent, but also have a very clear view of our business so everything is done in a way that works for us.

James Maitland
General Manager, Salvo Property Group


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Your business’ Information Technology (IT) plays such a critical role in supporting all facets of your operations, from managing hardware and set-up, to software and technical services.

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