We understand SME businesses and how important technology is in driving your growth, which is why we provide services tailored to your specific size and needs.
SME Businesses

10-100 Seats

If you are a part of a small to medium sized business with between 10 and 100 staff members, you’re probably used to being spread thin across many different roles. One of these is the critical task of ensuring the smooth functioning of your IT systems as the business scales.

But the task of managing IT systems is time-consuming, and not something that can be juggled with other responsibilities. Splitting your attention between your other duties and a burgeoning IT system can not only be frustrating, but will turn out to be expensive in the long run. Under-qualified staff, or a non-performing IT provider can only compound the problem.

Even if you are personally qualified to manage the IT systems, are you able to keep up with the complex and ever-changing requirements of a growing organisation, and new technology updates or security risks?

Are you able to keep up-to-date and make the necessary changes to accommodate your business’ growth?

Smart businesses with ambitions for growth understand this and look towards an Australian outsourcing solution like Centrix – and for good reason.

How can Centrix help you?

As a small business based out of Sydney and Melbourne, we understand that you need highly tailored and flexible IT systems, which is why we provide you with smart solutions, based on a plan and budget that suits you. This means you get all of what you need, without paying for the extras that your business doesn’t require.

Our IT professionals work with you to create the best suited and most cost-effective solution, so you can focus on growing your business and achieving your objectives.

Centrix will provide you with a range of highly tailored and innovative IT services, from helpdesk support to more comprehensive requirements, which ensure that your business’ operations run smoothly and without the hassle to you.

Making the right decision

In the digital world today, don’t put your business’ needs on hold or be derailed by poor IT services and support. Outsourcing these needs provides better financial return and keeps your business running efficiently.


Small To Medium businesses

With Managed IT Services to align with your business growth cycle and adapt to the complexity of your IT systems, Centrix can take away the pain of managing your IT while helping you maintain efficiency.

Greater Return On Investment

Outsourcing to Centrix is a cost-effective way to take care of all of your IT needs efficiently, meaning that the cost to benefit ratio is in your favour.

Focus on your business

You and your team can focus on its strategic business goals while we concentrate on managing your IT environment, giving you peace of mind at all times.

Manage your costs

We offer predictable, fixed monthly pricing as well as assistance with budgeting your yearly IT requirements, making it easy to manage your budget.

Increased productivity

Improved productivity of your staff due to your reliable and high performing IT systems and responsive technical support.

Superior Service Flexibility

It doesn’t matter if you scale up, scale down or add different options when the need arises. As your business needs change, we change with you.


As you find your business growing, you may be faced with new security challenges. With Centrix, we keep your data protected at all times, giving you peace of mind.

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