We offer robust and cost-effective IT solutions tailored to the scale and requirements of large corporate organisations. Our services support your continued growth, and ensure efficiency at scale.

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For corporations committed to a successful growth path, implementing the right Information Technology is important. Larger organisations are challenged further, because every department and level of the organisation may have their own specific IT needs that encompass everything from hardware and software, to training and troubleshooting.

For corporations and organisations that span multiple sites, or who are in the process of expansion, whether it be growing your workforce, operations or customer base, how can you be certain that your internal IT resources can accommodate your growth in a cost-effective manner?

It is therefore essential to have the right Managed IT Partner working alongside you to provide comprehensive ongoing service and support, so that your company doesn’t have to hire a separate department and manage this all internally.

As IT Management experts, Centrix offers access to a professional and highly trained team with the expertise and knowledge to facilitate your company’s core projects and services as needed.

How can Centrix help you?

We provide a comprehensive consultancy service to help determine the specific requirements of your company, and then design the perfect, efficient IT solution to meet your needs and the needs of your team.

Making the right decision

In the digital world today, don’t halt your business’ growth with poor IT services and support. Outsourcing these needs provides better financial return and keeps your business running efficiently.



Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness

Organisations that outsource IT Services generally have lower expenses and faster implementation timings, and these decreases in costs can be ultimately passed on to customers to improve competitiveness.

Focus On Your Company, Not I.T.

We have a whole team of professionals waiting to assist you, and with access to a multi-tiered technical team of highly skilled and experienced support engineers, you can focus more on your business and less on IT.

Allocate your Resources Toward more Important Areas

Hiring and training several IT staff within an internal department can be an expensive task, with additional ongoing costs to your business. Outsourcing with Centrix allows you the freedom to focus your resources towards more profitable projects.

Ongoing Innovation

Centrix ensures that all of our team are highly trained and up-to-date with the latest in the IT industry because we specialise in what we do. This way, your organisation gets the best in the business, without the added expense.

Peace Of Mind

As your business grows, there are greater security risks that you must be aware of and defend against. With Centrix, our team will keep your precious data protected at all times.

Faster Implementation of New Technology

Centrix has the expertise and agility to introduce and implement better IT solutions for your business on an ongoing basis without getting hindered by internal pressures and influences. This means you have access to new technology, faster.

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Melanoma Institute Australia
Kennards Self Storage
Spencer Travel
MultiLit Literacy Centres
Performance Health
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