What our customers say:

“With Centrix there is a far greater perception that someone is looking after our IT. The timeliness of response is much better. I feel like someone looks after our network and the onus isn't on me to alert anyone and make them fix it.”

Rick Merten, Permission Marketing

Is your SME business compliant with compulsory Australian Cybersecurity Laws?
Have you heard about the Australian Federal Notifiable Data Breaches scheme?  The NDB applies to all domestic businesses which hold sensitive consumer data.
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Does my business need antivirus software?
Malware, or Malicious software, is a reality we all face. While you may have never experienced a threat or attack before, it doesn’t mean you never will.
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Cloud Computing: does my business need it?
Cloud computing is all about using the internet to access information which allow you to store your data off-site, using shared external resources.
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