The days of using cables to connect to the internet and your other business devices are rapidly coming to an end.

Centrix can design and implement wireless networking for any size network supporting multiple devices including Notebooks, mobiles, tablets, printers, and more. Centrix can also setup corporate and guest connectivity using high end managed wireless access points.



image1-16 Seamless access for corporate visitors and guests – provide seamless internet connection for visitors and guests attending your office
image3-20 Advanced security – secure your network from unauthorised access/attacks with built-in advanced security
image5-24 Analytics – Run reports regarding usage, repeat visits, capture rate and dwell time to help you manage your bandwidth and costs
image7-28 Control – Control who accesses what and when to keep your network secure and your costs managed.
image2-18 Productivity – Improve staff productivity by making access to your network and devices seamless and integrated
image4-22 Protection – know your network is protected from abuse and/or misuse through the implementation of security and network controls
image6-26 Efficiency – When your network and devices are running smoothly you reduce interruptions keeping your workplace efficient.


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