There’s no better proof than word of mouth. Our clients have provided valuable feedback on their experiences working with Centrix.


“Before engaging Centrix we were unable to maintain a reliable email system. Our origional email system was constantly under performing and restricted the ability of our team to function. The system did not enable the team to succeed. We believed it was best to engage a partner so we could receive the benefits of highly skilled staff without the long term cost of having them on our payroll.

Centrix seamlessly transitioned all aspects including historical emails from the legacy system to the Office 365 platform. The Centrix team were outstanding not only in the technical transition but in how they managed and interacted with the senior executives on the day of transition.

As a result of our email migration we have greater user acceptance of the web based portal to access email and less requests to add email accounts to mobile devices based on the new system being more intuitive for the end user to self-manage”

“I would highly recommend Centrix. They have not only performed well on our first project, but on all subsequent request for assistance. They are very customer focused and consistently communicate progress milestones.”

Sean Ellaby, CIO, Pie Face


“We have implemented a significant change from engaging Centrix. Centrix provided a snapshot of our existing set up and proposed alternatives. Our migration to Office 365 has settled a large range of email issues we were experiencing. The massive changes we have implemented have given us a level of comfort in terms of reliability and security.

We would recommend Centrix to others. We found them easy to deal with, able to talk in laymen’s terms and offer a desirable solution. We selected Centrix over 3 other providers as they gave us the most confidence that they could satisfy our needs.”

Paul Sleeman, Group Financial Controller, Austral Monsoon Group


“Before engaging Centrix we were concerned that we may not be able to get the same level of support as someone full time. What we actually found was that staff became less dependent on our internal IT resource and attempted to fix their own problems before contacting external support.

We’ve experienced great ticket resolution times between 3-8 hours and we now have multiple people who are across how ACCTV IT infrastructure works.  Our IT works, we have better documentation and Centrix have  provided solutions that covered both offices in Australia and UK. Prior to this our single IT administrator had to cover both countries from Australia, which resulted in poor working hours. 

Centrix have proved to be an effective IT solution for ACC – They fit well and offer good solutions to SME’s.”

Grant Ricker, ACCTV


“With Centrix there is a far greater perception that someone is looking after our IT.  The timeliness of response is much better. I feel like someone looks after our network and the onus isn’t on me to alert anyone and make them fix it.”

Rick Merten, Permission Marketing