Who are you

What you might need from a managed IT services and support perspective varies widely and depends on factors like;

  • your role within the company,
  • how involved you are (or want to be) in all things IT,
  • how tech savvy you are,
  • the size and type of business you’re in
  • the phase your business is in currently and is aiming for in the medium to longer term
  • if your business is based in Sydney or has multiple sites

To make things a little easier for you, when we look at our clients, they seem to fall into three main categories, each of which has a slightly different focus which necessitates a slightly different approach;

  • CEO/CFOs
  • Business owners/operations managers
  • IT managers

If you just want to speak to a real person about what you need or you have an IT management issue or urgent query, give Centrix a call on 02 9492 7000 or click here to make an appointment.