IT Audit Process

IT is one of your most valuable business tools. Your network, and the information it holds should be reliable, secure and efficient.

A Centrix IT Audit is an in-depth review of your physical network and your business processes around your IT systems. We measure how well your existing infrastructure is working and provide advice on new services and applications that will help you keep pace with the demands of your business.

We completely check your IT as it stands and provide you with detailed findings and recommendations on mitigating your risks, saving on costs and strengthening your business.

The IT Audit Process



Initial consultation
Keep your business operating smoothly in the event of disaster. Keep your customers content and maintain strong relationships through smooth and effective operations and service delivery.
Gather information
Centrix will gather information of your entire IT system including but not limited to:Workstations – quantity, configuration, how they are maintained, software, security, usage policies and impact of mobile devices.Servers – Hardware, software, security, system maintenance, storage space and redundancy, warranties and administration roles.Network – Infrastructure including routers, wiring, WA, VPN, wireless components, IP Assignments, naming schemes, print servers, terminal servers, content management system email storage and shared drives.Backups – what is being backed up and how often. Type and quality of storage. Verification systems, schedules for restoration, data that is excluded and status of workstation backups.
Receive written recommendations aligned with your initial goals identified. The recommendations will include options with complete specifications and costs.
Centrix will implement the agreed recommendations to an agreed timeline and budget.
Centrix will periodically help you review your goals and IT requirements


Benefits of an IT Audit

image6-26 Improved productivity and efficiency – We will identify any aspects of your IT that can be modified or upgraded to increase your staffs productivity. This could be by increasing the speed of your network and applications or by modifying and updating IT processes for more efficient and effective operations.
image7-28 Reduced risks and increased resilience – Without an in-depth network audit you would be unaware of any risks with your current network that could result in outages, attacks and loss of data.
image8-30 Improved security – Any security vulnerabilities including malicious software, spyware, and ineffective security configurations are identified and quickly resolved.
image9-32 Improved budgeting and financial management – By having a thorough and documented understanding of your IT assets and required upgrades, you can easily forecast and budget for your future IT costs and investments.


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