Disaster Recovery

Think of this as the insurance you hope you’ll never need but will be incredibly relieved you have, if your disaster should ever strike. Do you need it? Well that depends on how you answer this question;

Can your business function without your IT systems? If so, for how long?

Centrix’s disaster recovery begins with a review of possible disaster scenario questions:

  • What could you be likely to face – flood, fire, earthquakes?
  • The speed with which you’ll need to get your data recovered and operational – hours or days, weeks?
  • Who’s relying on your data being continuously available? What data will they need?
  • How time-sensitive is your data – will recovery to a point a week ago suffice or do you have to recover to within minutes or seconds before the disaster?

From there tailored plans are put in place and tested on a bi-annual basis – just to ensure that if disaster comes to call – you’re covered in all the right places for your business.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Have Centrix put a disaster recovery plan in place for you today. Contact us for a free expert IT consultation