Video Conferencing

Centrix offers high-definition and stable video conferencing options. When it’s impossible or impracticable to get everybody in the same room at the same time and at the same place, video conferencing has become a popular and important business function.

How can Video help my business?

Centrix offers video conferencing platforms that bring together the ability to meet and share ideas, when not all parties are in the one location. Using a desktop or even a mobile device, video conferencing can allow you to connect with people across your offices, but also the ability to include customers or other stakeholders to your meetings/conferences.



 image9-32 A dedicated support team – On-hand technical experts and a local helpdesk to offer service and support
 image7-28 Multi-vendor, multi-device interoperability – All parties can connect to the same conversation no matter what hardware or software they are using.
 image7-28 Range of video conferencing options – Choose from a variety of platforms to best suit your business requirements.
 image2-18 Reduced travel costs – You can significantly lower the travel costs for staff, clients, vendors or other stakeholders.
 image4-22 Productivity Down-time is reduced and productivity gains are achieved by removing logistics and time barriers.
 image5-24 Real-time collaboration If your business and/or staff operate in various locations, video conferencing can connect all parties to the one meeting.


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