Tech Tip: Top 10 tech tools for productivity

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productivity toolsDo you feel there isn’t enough time in the day to finish all your tasks? Well, you are not alone. Your staff or colleagues probably feel the same way.

Unfortunately, 10 cups of caffeine or 2 straight hours of listing “to-dos” won’t help you become more productive. What you and your staff need are reliable tools to help you accomplish more without exerting too much effort.

Here are the latest and most highly recommended “productivity” tech tools/apps available right now:

1. Scraps. Some people have a lot of “aha” moments in a day and if you’re one of these lucky few, then this iOS app is perfect for you. Scraps lets you record fragments of ideas that come to you throughout the day. Your notes are saved in iCloud so you can access them anywhere, anytime using any iOS device. It allows you to go back and expound on your ideas, favourite an entry you made, archive an idea for later, organise ideas in a folder and more. Go to App Store to download this app.

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2. IrfanView. The name may be odd but this freeware app for PC platforms can be a very useful tool when you always work with images and presentations. IrfanView is a popular Windows image/graphic viewer, converter and editor which is not only compact but is super easy to use. It’s more than capable to perform advanced image-processing and supports a number of file formats, as well as video and audio. You can also use it to scan & print, create slideshows, batch process photo and more. Download IrfanView here.

3. Nutcache. This is the tool for all your invoicing and expense-related needs. Note: HR/Payroll. Use it to design, create and send out professional-looking invoices, receipts or estimates to clients in minutes. It accepts payments online, with various payment options. Your staff will be able to log their hours on projects and bill your clients accordingly. If they are out of the office, they can use Nutcache’s mobile time logging app to log hours anywhere. Nutcache not just improve your cash flow, it also saves you precious time. You can download it’s FREE version or upgrade to a pro-version if you want additional functionalities.


4. GoToMyPC. Wouldn’t it be great if you can remote access your Mac or PC using a different PC or mobile device? We think so too. Well, good thing there’s now an app called GoToMyPC which literally gives you the ability to access your work anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, traveling, or conducting a presentation at a client’s office. With GoToMyPC, you can instantly work on your files, programs and network as if you were at your desk. It’s available to Windows, Mac, iPad & iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire users. You can try it for FREE for 30 days or subscribe to a monthly plan.

5. Wrike. If you need a reliable collaboration tool for your business, this online project management software is worth trying. Wrike lets you create projects, add members to a project and assign tasks to each member. You can also set up one-on-one, real time discussions easily and evaluate a new idea or share data instantly. It seamlessly integrates with some of your existing tools like Outlook, Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Create tasks by marking them from within your email and they are automatically added to your project on Wrike. If you avail of the paid version, you get to use some cool extra features like building dynamic Gantt charts, tracking time per task, and in-depth reporting. Get started with Wrike for free.


6. Acquity Scheduling. You are probably sharing a calendar with your staff. But what about with your clients? Acquity Scheduling was created for this specific need in mind. It’s a multi-platform scheduling system designed specifically so you’ll never miss an appointment with a client ever again. It also reminds you if you forgot to send an invoice to a client or failed to collect payments for invoices. Don’t worry because Acuity works well with your existing calendar tool such as Outlook, Google, and even Office 365. Since your live calendar is visible to your clients, it’s easy for them to schedule a meeting or appointment based on your availability. And as soon as a new appointment is created or canceled, the tool will automatically update all your other calendars. Best of all, you can automatically send reminders via SMS or email to clients about upcoming appointments. Why not give it a try?


7. HoursTracker. Do you need to count hours for billing purposes? There’s an app for that! HoursTracker helps you count the hours that matter using timers and manual entry. It’s designed to automatically calculate your earnings, including overtime, while it also has built-in reports so you know when you’ve been working and on which projects whilst the pay period reports keep track of paydays. HoursTracker is available both in App Store and Google Play.


8. Good Order Inventory. This is a real time inventory tracking application with user-friendly mobile and web interface. Now you can manage and track your stocks whereabouts using your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Check out their website to know your options.

9. FlipBoard. Stop wasting your time browsing multiple social media and news websites, when FlipBoard can gather all your favourite feeds in one place so you remain updated on news and industry changes that affects your business. It serves as your personal magazine which you can view anywhere, whilst on desktop or mobile device. Get your frequently visited sites organised today. Similar to FlipBoard, but with more category/customisation options, is an app/website called Feedly. Feel free to also check out their website while you’re at it.


10. Mint. This is a refreshing way to manage your money. With Mint, you can easily pull all your accounts, cards and investments into one place. This way you can track your spending, create a budget, and receive bill reminders. It also provides customised tips for reducing fees and saving money. Make smart money decisions using Mint today.

Stop spending so much time and effort on tasks you can actually automate. By investing in innovative tools, you can maximise your time and every minute will be spent wisely.

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