Telstra Fibre at a 800% Price Reduction

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Telstra Fibre at a 800% Price Reduction - CentrixCentrix are excited to be able to offer our clients huge price reductions in Telstra fibre for a limited time.

If you have been looking to upgrade your business Internet there is no better time to invest than now.

With Telstra Internet Direct you will benefit from faster Internet speeds, superior greater national coverage as well as access to the global Internet.

What is Telstra fibre and how does it compare?

Telstra Fibre is a far superior and reliable Internet connection than the more commonly used ADSL.  The ADSL network relies on copper cables (legacy infrastructure designed for voice communication).

This means that Internet speeds can vary depending on how far your business is from the “exchange”. ADSL offers speeds of up to 18 – 24 kpbs.

ADSL is more prone to inconsistent performance and outages than Telstra Fibre.

Telstra Fibre offers much faster Internet than ADSL (from 2 x faster up to 16 x faster).

Your Internet connection does not rely on the legacy copper exchange networks.  It is a dedicated, carrier grade link to one of the fastest Internet back bones in Australia, making it more secure and reliable.

If you would like to take advantage of this limited opportunity to upgrade your Internet and have Centrix take care of the process ensuring seamless migration contact us.