Tech Tip: Useful Windows 10 features for your business

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Microsoft-Windows-10-Launch-in-Sydney-FansThe highly anticipated Windows 10 was launched on 29 July 2015 to 190 countries including Australia. Twenty four hours later, Microsoft claimed the new Microsoft OS had already been installed on 14 million devices.

This is a great feat for Microsoft especially after the disappointing turnout of Windows 8 – and its upgrade Windows 8.1. Others think the previous failed attempt of the tech giant to recapture a dwindling market via Windows 8 is the reason why they skipped naming the new OS to Windows 9. In response to this, a rep from Microsoft said, “Windows 10 carries Windows forward into a new way of doing things. It is not an incremental change, but a new Windows that will empower the next billion users.”

Whatever the case may be, Microsoft seem to have learned from its previous experience and made sure the newest Windows iteration will be a success. So far Windows 10 is an instant hit not just to its current Windows users, but to tech experts, media agencies, and even to their most ardent critics as well. CNN calls it ‘seriously great’. Whilst thinks it’s “a clear winner”.

So, what’s so great about Windows 10?

1. It will work across all Windows-powered devices, from smartphones to tablets and desktop computers, as well as Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles. For now, the available upgrade is only for PCs and tablets. The Windows 10 Mobile upgrade will be available for most phones starting later this year.

2. Sign in to your device using a biometric authentication system. This system is called Windows Hello, and it provides instant access to your Windows 10 devices. This means you will be able to sign in to your device(s) using your fingerprint, face, or iris without a password thus making computing far more convenient and more secure.


3. The Start Menu which disappeared in Windows 8 is now back and more useful. You can customise the live tiles and pin the apps you access the most to the Start menu. Additionally, you can organise live tiles in groups that make it easier to find the program you’re looking for.Start-menu-Windows10

4. The default browser has been replaced with Microsoft Edge a vast improvement on Internet Explorer, and arguably faster than Chrome. It’s also safer than the other browsers because it’s sandboxed off from the rest of the operating system. So if Microsoft Edge is compromised, no one should be able to get access to the rest of the system. Another great feature of Edge is its handy Reading List app where you can save web pages or your favourites for later or for offline reading. There’s also the Reader mode which reloads the web page in an easy to view layout. But if you can’t let go of your old browser yet, you can still revert back to Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.


5. Microsoft’s personal voice assistant Cortana is now available to PC users. It assumes control of the operating systems search functions, both for text and voice commands. Cortana can also be used to search your hard drive, OneDrive, and business network files that meet certain filters, like “Find pictures from December.”


6. The Action Center is more useful and powerful. It puts all your notifications in one place. As notifications slide into view, they’re archived here. The Action Center also provides quick-action buttons for common functions, like activating Bluetooth or connecting to a VPN, as well as an option for shifting the interface to Tablet Mode.


7. Virtual desktops have finally come to Windows through Task View. It may not be for everyone but it provides deep new functionality for power users. The multi-monitor setup allows the user to go back and forth between either open apps or multiple virtual “desktops” of apps, organised based on your preference.

Individual users are not the only ones happy with Windows 10. In a latest survey of 301 business decision-makers in Australia, from businesses with 5-1000+ employees, conducted by Tech Research Asia (TRA) on behalf of Microsoft, it revealed that “Australian businesses are seeing the release of Windows 10 as a catalyst for significant business change and an opportunity to drive greater productivity, showing almost 75% are intending to adopt the new operating system within two years of launch, and 64% adopting within the first year.” Proof that Windows 10 is designed for everyone’s needs.

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