Tech Tip: Transcribing just got easier with Big Hand

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New mobile transcription technologyTranscribing sounds like an old school business activity, but it’s still widely done and in fact is on the rise.

Transcribing is used in obvious industries like the legal industry, but is also used widely for activities such as content marketing where presentations are recorded and transcribed into blog posts etc.

In the past transcribing has been done primarily by using a hand held recorder then a typist or transcriber listens to the recording and transcribes the audio into written format.

Often recordings are stored on individual devices or hard drives, leaving them vulnerable to system crashes, or the loss of a device.

Big Hand is a new cloud based transcription solution that allows recordings to be taken via a mobile app, the recording is then stored in the cloud and accessed any time from any where.

Big Hand makes it easier to:

  • Offshore transcription work
  • Store transcriptions long term
  • Access transcriptions from any device anywhere

Centrix are currently implementing Big Hand for a legal client who is moving to a virtual desktop solution deeming their Olympus Dictator hardware and software solution obsolete.

If you are looking for a cool new solution to an old age business problem or activity, consult us.