Tech Tip: Track your visitors (and employees) with just a few swipes

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Visitor ManagementKeeping track of visitors to your offices has traditionally been paper based. We’ve all turned up to an office and had to sign a visitors book. Visitor management is here to stay. Without it you can’t meet compliance obligations around visitor, contractor and staff safety, evacuations and asset protection.

There’s now an easier way through visitor management tools.

There are so many options readily available in the market, but most of them can be a costly and complicated to use.

You can throw away your old paper-based system with new applications that can be easily downloaded to a tablet to monitor not only your visitors, but your employees as well. What’s more, these apps offer free trial periods, so you can test them before you subscribe to a plan.

Here’s 3 visitor management apps which really stand out:

1. SwipedOn – Offers an app for visitors and another for employees and visitors:

      • Visitor Book (Visitor registration app) – Use this to register visitors in/out of your premises, capture photographs and print ID labels for added security, display custom agreements and record every visitors signature, bulk import employee data into your dashboard via .CSV file, and more!
      • SwipedOn (Employee (and Visitor) Registration App) – Employees or contractors can register in/out of the application and share custom statuses for everyone to see. This way you can monitor who’s in the office or where they are going. Time-sensitive statues also show who’s overdue.

2. GoVisitor – This all-in-one cloud-based tablet visitor management system for iPad takes care of your visitor monitoring needs and gives security to your office or site. The app provides daily reports or visiting information for the administrator. All data is stored in their dedicated servers, and secured by a unique authentication system. So you need not worry about data loss or unauthorised access.

3. iPadReceptionist – This easy-to-use Visitor Management system does the job for businesses of all sizes! Apart from being fully customisable, this app has a simple visitor logging system to track your visitor traffic and can create visitor badges with your logo. You’ll receive visitor arrival notifications via SMS, email or both! If you’re in a meeting or out to lunch, you can set up automatic message forwarding and have another person take care of your visitor(s).

With a visitor management application, you can improve visitor service, security, control your resources, improve the productivity of your employees and more.

Look for these applications in the AppStore. Choose the solution that perfectly addresses your needs and matches your budget.