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toggl logoTracking how you, and the rest of your team, are making use of time at work is important to the business. Ideally, every business should have a tool that can effectively track time. You need it to manage projects, measure productivity, and ensure all goals are met.

Currently one of the most widely used time tracking tools in the market is Toggl. It’s not just a tool for large businesses like Amazon and Spotify, but also for small businesses, freelancers and consultants.

Toggl is a web application that uses a simple online timer and a powerful timesheet calculator for accurate time tracking. It helps the user track work progress in real time and is especially useful for businesses offering outsourced services as it’s designed to track every minute of the billable time therefore no minute is lost! What’s also great about Toggl is that it easily syncs with an iOS & Android app. So no matter where you are, you can track your work as well as view the progress of your team’s work.

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Toggle has no problem integrating with commonly used systems such as Google Apps, Trello, Xero, Asana and others. Toggl, therefore, improves your planning which leads to better client relations and higher profitability.

Reasons why your team should be tracking time on each task/project: 

1. To get help. When projects are extending past their deadlines, your team can use the data gathered from Toggle to prove that they need additional resources in order to finish the task or deliver the project in the time frame required.

2. For accurate time estimates and delivery dates. As you track your time, what’s left to be done on any project plan will automatically decrease, thus keeping your schedule accurate and up-to-date.

3. To manage scope creep. It’s much easier to keep track of any changes to a task or project and ensure that any changes to scope can be communicated and allocated for, if time and budget are being monitored.

4. For timely reporting. Data will be readily available for everyone to use and interpret.

Toggl offers a lot of features depending on your subscription plan. Below are the list of things that make it useful to your business: 

  • Allows you to log your time both online and offline.
  • Set up projects, clients, tasks and tags. In fact, you can add an unlimited number of projects, sub-projects, and clients.
  • Color code your projects to facilitate faster work.
  • Real time sync between the mobile app and web version.
  • Export reports & timesheets from the web app.
  • Mark time logs as billable or non-billable.
  • Divide user groups to sub groups.
  • View the dashboard and compare current tracking data with that of previous week’s to see which employees is are the most productive.
  • Schedule reports.
  • Send team reminders.
  • Lock timesheets.
  • Run time audits.
  • Share time reports via custom link, or export timesheets to Excel, CSV and PDF files.
  • Syncs easily with mobile app which is compatible with all devices (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows).

Toggl-Time-Tracking-Reports-ScreenshotToggl Android - 004 - Edit  Toggl Android - 005 - Reports

Toggl is available as a basic productivity tool and comes free for teams of up to 5 members. If you need advanced features, you can upgrade to either of this plans:

  1. PRO plan for $9 USD ($12 AUD) per user/month, billed annually or $10 USD ($13 AUD) billed monthly
  2. Business plan for $49 USD ($64 AUD) per user/month, billed annually or $59 USD ($78 AUD) billed monthly

Making an informed decision comes down to having the right data and analysing it effectively. To get the right data, you should use the right tool. Get started with time tracking today! Claim your free Toggl account here.