Tech Tip: Sort your business card clutter with a card reader app

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Card Reader AppBusiness networking in the digital age is so much easier than decades ago. Now you have so many options for sharing contact information electronically.

It’s inevitable to still get paper business cards from people we meet. A good old-fashioned business card, to some, still has the charm and formality an electronic card doesn’t have. It is one of those things that aren’t going away, at least not anytime soon. Good thing there are card reader apps.

A business card reader lets you manage business cards you receive. Not only that, it also lets you create and share electronic business cards to anyone, anywhere.

Check out these popular card reader apps to help you quickly scan cards and add them to your contacts.

1. CloudCardsApp (iOS and Android; Free) – This app will help you digitise your stacks of paper cards and create a digital directory that can be updated more easily. You can choose from various templates when creating entries. There’s also a facility for sharing contact information with other people. Avoid the frustration of dealing with duplicate contacts and multiple back-ups. Plus get auto updates once your contact changes their details.

2. Bizz Card (iOS only; Free) – This service is meant for giving out your card, not for managing cards from other people. No sign-up required. It allows you to create an electronic identity with sophisticated graphics. You can share your e-card by swiping across your Apple device, which automatically generates an email message that you can send to anyone. If you have an existing card, you can capture the image to send electronically.

3. FullContact Card Reader (iOS and Android) – Lets you scan business cards into 250+ different apps – including Salesforce, Google Spreadsheets, MailChimp, and more. You can sync, update, clean, and merge duplicate contacts easily. Get started for free and upgrade as needed.

4. Evernote Hello (iOS and Android) – There are several ways to create contacts with this mobile app, including business card scans, direct connections with other Evernote Hello users (via the Evernote Connect service) or a quick profile creation option, which works with LinkedIn and Facebook. This app also automatically associates contacts with meetings that you might have with them.

5. CamCard (iOS and Android) – This app allows you to scan all your paper cards in batch and accurately read cards in 16 languages. It’s capable of sending you notifications when there’s something new about a contact or there’s a change in their contact details. You can also use it to exchange e-cards with people nearby at meetings, tradeshows or seminars.

A card reader app is a great way to keep your contacts at your fingertips. It brings order to the chaos of a business card collection. Using it means you no longer need to go through stacks of cards on your desk; browse through a never ending list to find that important person; and spend hours typing contact details manually into your contacts system.