Tech Tip: How to setup your email ‘out-of-office’ on your iPhone

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Out of office reply on iPhone - CentrixManaging your incoming messages whilst you are out of the office is good business practice. With an out-of-office reply in place, people who send you email are notified promptly that you won’t be responding to their messages right away. In the case where you are unexpectedly out of the office and can’t get to your desktop, you can setup your out-of-office on your iPhone. The below instructions are for Exchanges users only. 

1. Open the settings application

2. Scroll down and select ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3. Select ‘Exchange

4. Scroll to the bottom and select ‘Automatic Reply

5. Toggle the switch next to ‘Automatic Reply’ to ON.

6. You can add an end date if required

7. You can now setup automatic replies for both internal and external recipients

Exchange Out of Office - Centrix

If your emails are not already setup on your iPhone, you will first need to add your email account to your iPhone before being able to setup your out-of-office. Here are the steps:

1. On your device, select Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Exchange

2. Enter your email address and password. Account description is optional

exchange_activesync - Centrix

3. Your iPhone will try to connect to your Exchange Server. You may need to enter additional server information. Ask your IT administrator for help if required.

exchange_activesync 2 - Centrix

4. Sync your Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes. Select Save when you’ve made your selections.

exchange_activesync 3 - Centrix

Note that if your Exchange mailbox contains too much data, it may take a while for all your information to be downloaded on your device.

When you’ve successfully synchronised your Exchange email account on your iPhone, you can now set up your out-of-office reply.