Tech Tip: How to set up your Medical ID on your iPhone

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Medical ID - iOS 8 Health appUnless you’re a health buff, you’re probably not giving much attention to the health/fitness apps on your mobile devices. There’s usually one or two of these pre-installed on every mobile device, but many don’t explore its countless features.

If you’re a current iPhone user, you need to know about one feature in your built-in Health app that could turn out to be a life-saver. It’s called the Medical ID.

When Apple introduced iOS 8 last year, a big part of the launch was focused on its Health app. And, one of its key features is the Medical ID which shows the users emergency contacts and other important health info in the event of a medical emergency. This information can be obtained even if the phone is locked.

To setup this feature follow these steps:

1. Open the Health app.

2. Tap the Medical ID tab in the tab bar.

3. Tap the Edit button to begin editing your Medical ID card.

4. List any pertinent information about yourself (age, blood type), including medical conditions, allergies and reactions, medications, and emergency contact person/s.

5. Ensure that “Show When Locked” is enabled so that your details are accessible from your locked screen.

6. Tap Done.

iOS8 Health app - Medical ID

To view your Medical ID from the lock screen:

1. Press the Sleep/Wake button

2. Swipe left to right to view the lock screen keypad

3. Tap “Emergency” and then “Medical ID”.

iOS8 - Medical ID screen lock

Now, if anyone taps the emergency button on your home screen, they will be able to see your medical information without having to unlock your device.