Tech Tip: How to set up attachments-only on your iPhone

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Attachment only inbox for iPhoneDid you know that there’s a new inbox sorting option available to Mail users in iOS? It’s a useful feature that allows for quick viewing of emails with attachments.

Finding a specific email on your iphone can take a while. But with an inbox dedicated for emails with attachments, you no longer need to browse your entire inbox or use the Search function to find that important email from a client with a file attachment.

To set up your attachment-only inbox, just follow these 5 simple steps: 

1. Open your Mail app.

2. Tap the “Mailboxes” button

3. Tap on “Edit”

4. Scroll down to find and tap on “Attachments”.

5. As soon as you see a blue check mark next to  “Attachments”, tap on “Done”.

Attachment only inbox - iOS

That’s it! Now you have quick access to any emails you receive with attachments. Take note that your Attachments inbox will appear under your “Mailboxes” list. As soon as you are done checking your Attachments inbox, tap back and return to the “All Inboxes” inbox so you don’t miss new emails.

If you find yourself constantly checking your Attachments inbox, you can make it even quicker by rearranging “Attachments” so that it appears higher in the Mailboxes list.

The Attachment-only inbox not only offers iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users easy access to their emails with attachments. It also makes it easy to save attachments to iCloud quickly as you don’t need to browse through a larger inbox with other emails. It’s also handy to sort through documents to markup or sign and return through Mail.

Aside from this new function, there are other sorting options available for Mail users (e.g. emails from VIP contacts). Explore the menu to find other functions that will be useful to you.