Tech Tip: How to remember passwords like y%M@(&X!

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How to manage passwords securelyWe’re all guilty of having the same weak passwords for multiple accounts and applications.  The truth is it’s impossible to remember unique passwords for everything you access these days and it’s equally impossible to store them in a secure place.

Until now.

Last Pass is a cool cloud based secure password storage system that keeps your passwords secure and all in one place. Last Pass is an application that adds on to your browser allowing you to log in to sites securely and easily without having to remember individual passwords.  As you browse the Internet, Last Pass will prompt you to save your logins, generate new passwords, save profiles for online shopping and more.

Download Last Pass across all your devices and log in with the same account syncing your passwords with whatever device you are using at the time.

Last Pass offers a free version and paid versions (up to Enterprise Level for business)