Tech Tip: Go paperless with your event invitation!

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GreenVelopeOrganising social gatherings for employees is a great way to improve the workplace productivity and strengthen relationships. It’s a chance for everyone to mingle, de-stress – and stay sane (hopefully)!

But in order for your office’s social events to be as effective as possible, you need to ensure everyone’s coming. Think of an appropriate theme, find a great venue, make sure everyone’s dietary needs are taken into consideration, and send out creative electronic invitations.

Greenvelope can help you turn email invitations from boring to interesting!

This environmentally-friendly service lets you customise and send electronic invitations easily. Pick from its diverse selection of designs and event-specific functionality. Every invite is delivered directly to your recipient’s inbox in animated envelope with personalized address and stamp. You can even upload your own design, images, and music, link invitation to a website, schedule reminders, and collect meal preferences. Aside from web, e-invites can be viewed in mobile devices and tablets.

Organising your guest list is made easy by Greenvelope’s simple management tools. Users are instantly notified when a guest RSVP’s, and the guest list updates automatically to show any changes. Greenvelope guarantees that your employees and guests will not see pop-ups, ad banners, or receive spam. What more could you ask for?

Take advantage of their free 10 invites trial. You can also opt for a single event subscription, yearly membership or enterprise pricing.