Tech Tip: Fix photos using Adobe Photoshop Fix

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photoshop fix button logoAdobe continues to surprise us with their impressive photo-editing tools for mobile devices.

In addition to their existing mobile arsenal such as Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Draw, and Illustrator Sketch, Adobe released the Photoshop Fix for iOS earlier this month.

This new app is a feature-packed retouching tool that’s quite familiar to use and possibly the only photo-editing tool you need on your mobile.

What makes it useful 

Those who are familiar with the full desktop version of Photoshop will be pleased to find familiar features in this new app like liquify and healing brush. But you don’t need to be a pro to be able to appreciate this new tool. Beginners will love it as well because it’s easy to learn and use.

Here are some of the things you can do and the tools available in Fix: 

1. Retouch and restore photos.

* Liquify – Push, pull, rotate, swell or reshape any area to create subtle or drastic effects.

* Heal and patch – Fix imperfections using content from surrounding areas and then blend the result.

* Smooth – Simply paint to smooth or sharpen skin, landscapes or other content.

* Lighten and darken – Add or remove light from specific parts of a photo.

2. Edit and adjust photos.

* Crop – Remove elements you don’t need to create focus or strengthen the composition

* Colour – Desaturate to remove all colour or to create a mix of colour and black-and-white.

* Paint – Get precise effects with an eyedropper that lets you sample colours, an adjustable brush and an eraser.

* Adjust – Add vignettes and control exposure, contrast and saturation

* Defocus – Blur part of a photo to draw attention to your key subject.

* Vignette – Reduce the brightness or saturation of an image at its edges to create a new image which is clear in the center, and fades out at the edges.

                 Photoshop Fix - Liquify       Photoshop Fix - Heal

Photoshop Fix is a handy little tool to keep on your mobile even if you’re not a selfie fanatic. Here’s why you should download it today:

* It’s FREE with an Adobe ID (which is also free to create). How can you say ‘no’ to this?

* It has similar features to Photoshop without the cost.

* It’s intuitive and won’t slow you down. You can easily make changes by just swiping across with a finger or stylus.

* You can work outside of your office. Retouch images in real-time and export your projects afterwards from the app (in layers) to Photoshop for further editing.

* There’s a restore tool which you can use to undo the changes you made.

Like Adobe’s other mobile applications, Photoshop Fix is also built with the company’s new Creative SDK. This means all your work is sent to the cloud. You’ll be able to open files, pass files to other team members and send files to the desktop. And, it’s so powerful it can open really large files up to 50MB.

How to use it 

All the tools for editing line the bottom of the screen. After selecting the tool that you need, other options pop up on the left side of the screen (e.g. for size, opacity or colour). Moving your finger (or stylus) higher or lower will let you make the size of a tool you’ve selected larger or smaller.

Photoshop Fix - toolbar

For the colour selection, you can choose from an RGB palette for web use or CMYK for print. The app also provides a short history of colours you’ve used before. This makes it easy to swap colours if you need to go back and forth a lot. You can also save your own swatches as “themes” in your colour library.

Where to find it

The app is currently available to iOS devices only. But Adobe promises to bring it to Android devices really soon.

For now, what we can guarantee is that if you’re a Photoshop user, or are familiar with any photo editing tools, you’ll have no trouble navigating Fix’s features.

To download the latest Adobe Photoshop Fix to your iPhone or iPad, go to the iTunes Store app.