Tech Tip: Download Microsoft Apps on iOS and Android

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MSFT_logo-for-webMicrosoft has been surprising the tech and business communities alike by slowly but surely establishing itself as a formidable player in the mobile apps race. Here are its latest mobile offerings for iOS and Android users:

1. Office Suite on every mobile device. Microsoft Office apps are now free for download to both iOS and Android users.

          • You can now access, view and edit your Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from virtually anywhere.
          • All edits or comments to a document, the formatting and content remain intact.
          • Easily add charts, animations, SmartArt Graphics, and shapes to your document.
          • You can access Office documents that are stored on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, or iCloud.

 2. Outlook email app. In January, Microsoft launched Outlook to iOS and Android. It’s a rebranded version of Acompli, the innovative mobile email apps provider acquired by Microsoft late last year. Since the launch of Outlook, Microsoft has been adding several features important to enterprises.

          • No need for a Microsoft email account – In addition to and Exchange accounts, the app also supports Yahoo, iCloud and Gmail accounts as well as Box, Google Drive and Dropbox for storage.
          • Two Tabs/Inboxes – Move emails between Focused and Other. Important emails go to the Focused inbox. Moving or swiping your email in or out of your Focused inbox will signal which type of messages are important to you. You can also schedule emails for later, as well as personalise the swipe gestures if you do not like the default settings – a feature not available to other email apps.
          • Sharing of files stored in cloud is so easy – With a few taps, you can insert links to any file from Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive and Box. Outlook automatically gives file permissions to the recipients of e-mails.
          • Predictive search – Quickly find the right e-mails, files and contacts. Whilst the People feature lets you see the contacts that you e-mail the most often.
          • Calendar and location sharing – The calendar automatically syncs with the calendar tied to your email account. If you are subscribed to multiple calendars, you can switch them on or off in the calendar menu. To send your availability, just tap the calendar icon in the bottom right corner of your message. For your whereabouts, you can send a map of your current location by selecting the maps icon. You can either add a quick snapshot of your location or a custom map location.
          • PIN lock support – Implements password enforcement using Exchange ActiveSync. This means if your company email policy requires that devices have a password in order to sync email or calendar appointments, Outlook will enforce this at the device level.

On iOS (8.0+ required), Outlook takes advantage of the fingerprint-scanning feature, as well as built-in encryption. It requires that a passcode is properly set (without it, the app will not work). Outlook uses the passcode to encrypt all the data it stores locally on your iPhone or iPad. As a result, devices will be encrypted whether or not the Office 365 or Exchange policy requires encryption. Microsoft’s Outlook app is now one of the best email apps on Apple’s iOS platform.

On Android, Outlook will enforce screen lock rules; devices that do not support these security settings will not be able to connect to an account. Google will also enforce corporate policies regarding password length and complexity, and the maximum number of allowable screen unlock attempts before wiping the phone. Enabling of storage encryption will also be encouraged.

You can download the new version of Outlook directly from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

3. Sunrise app. This is an innovative calendar app for iOS and Android. Microsoft acquired Sunrise just this year, and it’s free and available for iPhone, iPad, MacAndroid and Desktop.

          • It supports multiple Google Calendars.
          • Create and edit Google tasks directly in your favorite calendar.
          • Buy a ticket on Eventbrite and it will appear in Sunrise with all the information you need to get there.
          • Also has full support for Apple’s Calendar.
          • iOS users can sync Sunrise with a Microsoft Exchange account.

These amazing apps for business empower you to work better, faster, and smarter. Start downloading them today.