Meet the team – Kevin Toghai, Systems Consultant

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Kevin Toghai, Systems ConsultantMeet Kevin Toghai, one of our Melbourne team members, an active and sporty Dad and Martini maestro. Kevin loves a big project and most recently has been fortunate to work in wind turbine technology.

When did you start at Centrix?

I started at Centrix in July last year. I’ve known Centrix for 4.5 years actually. Before I joined Centrix I was managing the IT for one of Centrix’s clients. I’d known Eddie and Peter who had helped us with Ad-Hoc support. When the opportunity came to move across to Centrix I was honoured to join the team and start a new chapter. I still work across my previous employer’s IT with Centrix.

What’s the best part of your job?

Designing the IT infrastructure for wind farms and then supporting them. It’s amazing to see how this big system works. Working with Turbine manufacturers and the other involved contractors, software developers etc. It was an amazing journey and I learned a lot. I’m still really enjoying supporting clients and helping them to overcome their IT problems or achieve better IT business processes.

What’s the most fun thing you do outside of work?

I’m a single father of 2 boys so it means I’m pretty active. I’m a big fan of footy, I swim, I play golf – get involved with my boys taking them to footy, they play as well. I also do a bit of reading and training in my spare time to keep me up to date with IT knowledge.

What are you famous for?

My love of a good Vodka Martini. Sometimes I like it dirty (with the olive), sometimes I like it bloody (with a cherry).

What’s your favourite motto?

“To be a better man”.  I try to learn something every day and add to my experience in life and be a better person.