Meet the team – Eugene Tartakovski, Support Engineer

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Eugene Tartakovski, Centrix Support Engineer

If we all had a motto like our friendly and jovial Support Engineer, Eugene, the world would be a better place.  Find out what keeps Eugene smiling.

When did you start at Centrix 

4 years ago this September.  I started on the help desk, moved into working in the field on client sites and now I am a support engineer. I spend most of my time working with clients on their premises.  I now also help with other internal development work for Centrix.

What’s the best part of your job? 

The thing I enjoy the most is the client interaction.  I like interacting with clients day to day.  I also like working on improving the support we provide. Recently I created a whole series of Sharepoint help videos, which is a project I really enjoyed.

What’s the most fun thing you do outside of work? 

I play ice hockey.  It’s not as violent as it looks on television.  In America they allow fighting, but the league I play in is a non-contact league.

What are you famous for? 

My fantastic sense of humour.   I’m always happy and like to try and make people laugh.

Your favourite motto 

“Smile and people will love you!”