Meet The Team – Denis Tartakovski, Helpdesk Technician

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Meet Denis Tartakovski, Centrix’s first ever trainee.  He is a young, goal driven individual whose sense of humour and quick-wit goes unmatched.

When did you start at Centrix?

I started working at Centrix a year and a half ago after I finished high school. My brother, Eugene, already worked here and helped me find my place. Centrix has helped me advance both career and employment related skills.

What’s the best part of your job?
The mate-ship at Centrix is incredible. Everyone in the team is friendly and are always willing to have a laugh. I also really enjoy helping people with their technical issues, knowing that they are relieved once the problem is resolved.

What’s the most fun thing you do outside of work?

I’m a sports freak and have played basically every sport under the sun. Currently I’m playing ice hockey as a goalie with Eugene. Yes it does hurt when you get hit.

I also enjoy gaming as well as going out with my friends. A lesser known fact about me is that I write a mean rap song.

What are you famous for?

I have a pretty great sense of humour and am always up for a laugh, even if it is at the expense of my workmates.

What’s your favourite motto?

Life is what you make of it. Anything can be achieved it just depends on your drive and determination to succeed.”