Meet The Team – Badr Yousif, Systems Consultant

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Badr1Meet Badr Yousif, one of our very busy Systems Consultants. Find out why Badr has a reputation for being “Mr Likeable”.

When did you start at Centrix?

I started in July 2015. I was working on managing the internal IT at another company and the company decided to outsource the management of their IT to Centrix. As part of that transition, I was offered a role at Centrix. I thought it was a good opportunity for my career as Centrix are IT specialists. Working with Centrix I can gain more knowledge and experience on a wide variety of IT systems. At my previous company, I was only gaining experience on one IT system. At Centrix, I’m working on different clients and different systems, which gives me more skills and experience.

What’s the best part of your job?

The challenges that I’m faced with at work. I work in a very busy environment, sometimes I am faced with challenges that require a lot of resources to try and resolve whilst I’m still very busy and occupied managing the day to day IT systems. I can get help from different engineers and consultants to help me resolve the problem. This gives me great opportunities to learn and expand my skills.

What’s the most fun thing you do outside of work?

I play soccer. I like fishing. I like social activities, and love visiting my friends and relatives.

What are you famous for?

Everybody likes me in the company. The clients like the way I treat them and work with them. I’m Mr. Likeable!

What’s your favourite motto?

“Love what you do”