Do you know about the Telco embargo over the Christmas/New Year period?

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telco embargo - CentrixIf you’re planning to take advantage of the quieter Christmas/New year period to make changes to your telecommunications – Think again.  The embargo period for telcos will commence on Monday 14th December 2015 and run until Monday 11th January 2016.

During this period, all major Telecommunications companies will not process new network service installations as well as requests for existing ones. This means no new activations, porting, relocations or any adds/moves/changes between the said period.

It’s important to highlight that this yearly activity of telcos sees a rush of orders days before the embargo period starts. As a result, some services may experience extended ordering, processing and delivery times. Moreover, orders not processed before the embargo will go into a back-log, to be processed after the period ends. Support for all your existing services is still however available throughout this period.

If your business requires any new telecommunication services or if you have any planned activities between now and February 2016, it would be wise to immediately discuss your requirements with your 3rd party ICT services provider to avoid any delays.

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