Did you know you can finance your IT?

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IT financing - CentrixAre you hoping to upgrade your IT or invest in a new IT project?

Did you know that financing your IT is an option and that you can finance almost anything IT related, including telephone systems, desktops, servers and even software.

When you use finance to invest in IT you can then reserve your capital for other investments that will grow your business.

Centrix can arrange various finance options including:

* Rental/Operating Lease

* Finance Lease

* Commercial Hire Purchase

We’ve put together a table of the various options and benefits of each so you can compare them to decide which is the most suitable for you.

Centrix can help you arrange finance for your IT and then also manage the procurement process for you.

An added benefit of buying your IT through Centrix is that we document when any renewals are due, when software licenses expire and also manage your warranties for you.

View the comparison table to assess your finance options for your next IT investment.