Did you know Centrix reward referrals?

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Since Centrix started in 2002, we’ve experienced a healthy growth rate thanks largely to referrals from satisfied customers. We are extremely grateful for referrals, and enjoy thanking those clients who have generously shared their experiences working with us to others. There’s nothing we enjoy more than sending an unexpected gift to thank clients for referrals. Our clients have enjoyed, luxury champagne, cinema tickets, restaurant vouchers and more.

We understand that when you refer someone to a supplier, you want them to have a positive experience, from the initial conversation through to the ongoing relationship. Good business partnerships rely on both parties having a clear understanding of the needs and benefits of the relationship and the characteristics of an ideal partner.

When you refer a business to Centrix, they will benefit from an improved IT experience, less frustration from IT problems an overall enhanced business performance.

Who we work best with

Centrix works best with established businesses (20 seats and over) who are looking to improve the way their IT is currently run and managed. Clients who have the following characteristics are a great fit for us and we can ensure that we meet their needs and provide an exceptional service:

  • Businesses who are consistently:
    -experiencing downtime as a result of IT issues
    -complaining about escalating IT costs
    -complaining about how their IT is managed
  • 20 – 70 or more seats
  • Located anywhere in Australia
  • Innovative companies who adopt technology
  • Their IT needs are complex – they may use industry specific applications or systems
  • Are looking to either fully outsource their IT, or supplement their current IT

How to refer a client

A mutual introduction is a great way to start a conversation. Whether it’s an introduction via email or even face to face. We’ll then arrange a more in-depth meeting to find out more about their specific IT environment, challenges and business goals.

We are happy to invest the time to understand as much as possible about a potential client’s IT set up and challenges, and provide a detailed proposal.

Who to refer to

At Centrix, it’s our policy to have our Founders and Directors be responsible for all business relationships. After all, we’re a service business and the buck stops with us. Should you wish to refer someone, contact:

Eddie Mahdi, Director
P: (02) 9492 7020
M: 0410 621 417