The Benefits of Cloud Backup

Cloud backups are a dependable system that will safeguard your business information from all types of risks.

Features of Cloud Backup

Benefits of Cloud Backup

 28-transprent-blue No hardware requirements  
Our cloud backup systems are built around a client software application that runs on a schedule determined by you. Data is securely encrypted and transferred to an offsite data centre as often as you decide.
 13-transprent-blue Data encryption 
All copied files are encrypted from beginning to end. From the moment the data is copied, until it reaches its destination.
 4-transprent-blue BYOD friendly 
We can backup all the data stored by your employees in their laptops, tablets and smartphones. We can also help you find and wipe data from any lost or stolen devices remotely.
 25 Access your data 24/7
Your backed up data is available 24/7 and can be instantly restored. Our solution stores multiple copies of your data independent of each other.
5-transprent-blue Flexibility
With cloud backup you only pay for the services you use. You can quickly scale the amount of data you need backed up, up or down and we take care of maintenance and upgrades.
 3-transprent-blue Reduced costs  
Your operational and administrative costs are reduced given there’s no requirement to purchase hardware and tapes for data storage or pay for resources to run the backups.
 15-transprent-blue Increased security  
Our reliable cloud backup solution guarantees your data is secure and can only be accessed using a decryption key.
 10-transprent-blue Mobility 
Our solution means you can rest assured that an increasingly mobile work force can still have their data and devices protected with cloud backup.
14-transprent-blue Business Continuity
Regardless of where you are located, we can ensure that your data is available in the event of disaster or human error.
8-transprent-blue Affordability
You only pay for the services you use. And can quickly reduce or increase your requirements.

Making your migration to cloud backup is seamless
When Centrix manages your migration to cloud backup we ensure the process is seamless with no interruption to your business. Our process involves:

  1. Evaluation of your current performance. We evaluate the performance of your current backup systems and the costs associated before moving your data to the cloud to ensure migration makes sense for your unique business.
  2. Recommend the right cloud environment.We evaluate the different cloud models available and select one to host your data backup. Your options include public, private and hybrid cloud solutions or a combination of on-premise and off-site backup.  We also take into account your current and future storage needs and recommend a storage amount
  3. We review your internet connection. We review your current Internet services to ensure that cloud backups will take place efficiently and can arrange for changes or upgrades if they are necessary.
  4. We implement and test your cloud backups. Once your cloud backup solution has been implemented, we will manage and routinely test your back-ups and provide regular reports on performance.

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