Network Design And Implementation

The introduction of wireless networks, cloud services and mobile devices means more options than ever before for how your IT network is designed and operates.

Centrix’s team of experts specialise in multiple technologies ensuring that we can design and implement a network that’s specific to your needs.

To design an efficient, cost effective and suitable network for you we start with a thorough IT audit. Before we design your network we know that anything we implement is compatible with your current infrastructure and operating practices.

Centrix will outline your options which could involve anything from a simple exchange Server/Exchange upgrade to a whole network refresh.



image1-16 Initial needs assessment – Centrix will complete a comprehensive audit of your network prior to recommending anything.
image3-20 Fully budgeted project plan – Centrix will provide you with a fixed cost for the entire project
image5-24 Customised solutions – Every client is different and every business is unique. Our solutions will be customised to your business needs
image7-28 Structured implementation – Your network design will be implemented within an agreed timeline by an experienced project manager who will update you through the process.
image8-30 Minimal business interruption – Work that requires downtime can be completed out of customers business hours to minimize lost productivity
image2-18 Save time – Our combined skills and experience mean that we can implement your network quickly and efficiently leaving your IT team free to work on other projects.
image4-22 Increased Productivity – Staff can work from anywhere. Less time upgrading, patching and managing your IT means IT staff can focus on other things.
image4-22 Peace of mind – We are experts in the smooth delivery of IT projects we have procedures and processes that reduces the risk of complications.
image2-18 Cost management – know your upfront costs before you proceed

Why work with Centrix for your network design and implementation

Our results

We have proven experience and results. Our case study on helping Pie Face migrate to Office 365 with no business interruptions demonstrates how we can meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our skills and experience with multiple technology

To get the right network solution it’s important that your provider can provide you with the right advice and options. Our accreditations and qualifications with multiple IT vendors gives you more choice an options.


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