Microsoft Lync

Centrix provides it’s clients the ability to connect people, anywhere and anytime, using Microsoft Lync. With the ability to perform Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing and Lync Meetings, Lync makes internal and external communication easier and more efficient.



 image11-36 Instant Messaging – Carry one-on-one IM conversations with Lync users and maintain a transcript of the chat.
 image8-30 Voice Over IP (VoIP) – Call Lync contacts directly for one-on-one voice conversations.
 image10-34 Video Conferencing inside the client software – Conduct everyday business and collaboration “face-to-face” with customers, partners, suppliers and more.
 image9-32 Integrates with your Microsoft software – Allows for file sharing of your stored contacts, documents and other important information.
 image7-28 Device-friendly – Available on Windows PCs, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac, and Android smartphones.
 image4-22 Mobility – Your IT is as dynamic as your workforce. And so should your communication platforms. No longer be bound by physical location and device, collaborate with your staff wherever they are.
 image8-30 Integration – Lync is a Microsoft client so integration with other Windows software is straight forward (including your Microsoft Office Suite).
 image3-20 Support & Security – Lync allows for secure communications that protects company data from external sources.
 image8-30 Simplicity – Lync uses a simple user interface and is easy to operate which requires very little training.





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