IT Strategy and Planning

An IT strategy is increasingly important to align IT systems with overarching business goals and growth plans. Working with an experienced IT consultant who is educated and qualified across a wide variety of systems and vendors will ensure that your IT delivers the results you want.

Features of IT Strategy and Planning

Benefits of IT Strategy and Planning

 image1-16 Initial Audit of current IT – An initial IT audit will detail and document current IT platforms and how they are being used internally
 image4-22 Analysis of suitability – Centrix will analyse the current IT platform against the business goals to determine how well it is delivering
 image4-22 Analysis of return on investment – Centrix will analyse what productivity gains or revenue gains are being achieved from the current IT platform
 image7-28 Analysis of flexibility and scalability – based on business growth plans and forecasts, Centrix will analyse whether the current IT platform can meet future business needs.
 image8-30 Analysis of risks associated with the current IT platform – Centrix will identify any security threats and vulnerabilities based on current and expected usage along with disaster recovery and business continuity measures.
 image3-20 Analysis of management resources – Centrix will analyse how the IT is managed and maintained and if the management is adequate and cost efficient.
 image7-28 Reduced risks – our knowledge and experience across multiple vendors, technologies and projects reduces the risk of complications as a result of implementing new technology
 image4-22 Increased productivity – Through analysis of how IT is being used and it can reduce workload you will increase efficiencies and become more productive.
 image6-26 Increased competitiveness – By understanding and utilizing the latest technology to achieve your business goals, you can realize competitive advantages in your market.


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