IT Relocations

One of the most painstaking aspects of relocating your workplace is the impact on productivity due to the interruptions caused to IT and communications.

Your IT and communications systems are critical assets and ideally the relocation of them should be handled by an expert.

Centrix can manage the relocation of your IT and communications to new premises making sure you hit the ground running.



image1-16 Initial site audit – Centrix will visit and conduct a thorough audit of your new premises to make sure that data, power and telephone requirements are sufficiently catered for (e.g. rack and storage requirements, server-room requirements)
image3-20 Telephony and internet provider liaison – Centrix will contact and deal with providers of your telephony and internet services to co-ordinate any requirements with providers as part of the relocation.
image5-24 Prepare for relocation – Centrix will physically pack up all hardware and infrastructure.
image7-28 On the day of relocation – Centrix will be on site to un pack all hardware and infrastructure and ensure all the cabling and setup and is done professionally.
image8-30 Relocation support – Centrix will remain on site to deal with any post relocation issues and support until it’s confirmed that all systems are operating properly.
image2-18 Reduced downtime – Your relocation can be managed to ensure any downtime as a result of the move is minimal
image4-22 Protection of equipment – by ensuring is packed, transported, unpacked and assembled correctly you can ensure that there are no costly damages to hardware and infrastructure.
image6-26 Improved business focus – You and your team can get on with servicing clients, customers and achieving your business goals.


Contact Centrix for more information on the options and process of IT relocating.