IT Equipment And Finance

Our industry experience and in depth expertise with leading vendors means we can make your hardware and software procurement quick and easy. When we procure your IT you benefit from our in depth knowledge of the hardware and software options available as well as payment options such as leasing.

When purchasing through Centrix we document all hardware warranties and software/maintenance expiries so we can remind you when renewals are required, giving you total peace of mind that your IT is under control and nothing will be missed.



image1-16 Independent advice – Our relationships and experience with leading IT vendors means we can provide independent advice on the best hardware and software for your business and offer you competitive pricing
image3-20 Asset lifecycle management – We stay on top of when your hardware and software purchases and remind you when renewals are due
image5-24 Finance options – Save precious capital by working with us to lease your IT purchases
image2-18 Save time – Have Centrix research your IT procurement options, costs and arrange the purchase, configuration and delivery
image4-22 Peace of mind – Know that upgrades, renewals and warranties are managed and taken care of for you
image6-26 Save capital – Save precious working capital by taking advantage of our finance options


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